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Sock Sightings



"Something Wild" 1986 Starring Melanie Griffith (in the title role LOL) and my crush Jeff Daniels. Daniels gets handcuffed twice in the film, both times in socks.

He leaves his black OTC dress socks on when he gets in bed with Griffith.

Then he's in white crew socks the second time he's handcuffed.

"Arachnaphobia" 1990 Daniels (6 foot 3 ) after an outdoor party, is drinking on a couch, long legs over the edge, light color dress socked feet up. Very difficult to see though if you don't know where to look. Then another scene where he's asked to take his shoes off before walking on a basketball court. He plays a country doctor who's about to examine the school football team in the locker room. "Turn your head and cough"

He's been in his stockinged feet on film in some other movies I can't remember the names of right now, I'll let you know.


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Oh, to be a fly buzzing around the park, landing on unsuspecting dogs! 😍

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Footsie under the table.

I'm not sure where or when I saw 1963's "Shadow of Treason" but when I saw the star of the film John Bentley slip off his shoe and rub his stockinged foot on a woman's foot I nearly came in my pants. It felt simply pornographic seeing this.

I used to know where to find these kind of scenes, but they are mainly scenes where the woman rubs the man's shoe (which I like because sometimes he gets rubbed on his sock and his trouser leg gets pulled up) or rub his crotch, which is not my cup of tea. If any of you enjoy seeing a woman rub a man's crotch with her foot, more power to you. I also enjoy seeing a man rub his socked or barefoot on another man's crotch.

Close to 20 years ago there was a website that was basically a database for footsie scenes on television and on film. I poured through it finding all the male sock sightings I could find. You can imagine how difficult it was to let these sightings get by the female only censors. Of course if it had a male sock in it, it had to also include some female foot action. I was greedier back then, imaging these straight men dared to not share sightings of male sock.

I love databases. Here's some...



I found many of them over the years, listed by male socks, male footsie socks, male shoe removal, etc. I found Delusions of Grandeur 1971.

The television sightings of Laredo and some other westerns I find pretty darn hot as well

The website hotmovies used to have hundreds of x-rated movies tagged with "otc" or "black socks..." get the picture? Well as of some time ago, they removed those tags. I helped Ray find a movie once, not using the tags, but once I found it, I tagged it "otc" goldtoes" This seems at the very least anti-gay because although they have a gay section which I also enjoyed, Ray, myself, and others were looking for str8 titles that had scenes with str8 men leaving their socks on.

Meanwhile on Hamster X, when you would find a movie that featured str8 men leaving their socks on, you would find hundreds of "related videos." No more. Other subject matter has "related videos" but not str8 men socks. Vallam is getting really annoyed here.

Anyway, before I get too sober LOL

Enjoy 2 str8 footsie scenes, one homemade, one mainstream (Shadow of Treason), and one f/f m/m LGBTQ board of tourism vid on yt from Israel 11 years old. Surprised yt doesn't age restrict or ban it. Ugh.

John Bentley was very very cute and sexy and handsome. How anyone could shove his foot away is not plausible.


Shadow of Treason 1963 sock scene.gif

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On 1/23/2023 at 2:39 AM, vallam2222 said:

Someone saw this in the park. How could you even walk after seeing that?

There was a time I can search this kind of video on utube, but now they are gone, can't find any of them

Please post more

and I find socks scene from old movies so hot

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 I think YouTube made them close down the channel. 

I subscribed to that channel. 

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4 hours ago, sage12866 said:

 I think YouTube made them close down the channel. 

I subscribed to that channel. 

I subscribed too. I would bookmark many channels I liked, most have been removed. Amazing the amount of graphic content that is allowed to stay up and new that is popping up. Virtually every major porn star has their own channel with graphic language, adult content. As long as it makes them money via advertising yt is cool with it. Years ago I also found fetish content on Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc.

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