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Why do people in Canada and many other countries throughout the world remove their shoes before entering their respective homes, or the homes of others?

In my experience this has been the exception and not the rule here in the states. Of course I detest this. Not just because of all the missed opportunities to see men in their socked (or as I remember hearing growing up, 'stockinged') feet, but it's much more hygienic and civilized I think.

I also read an article in GQ  magazine entitled "What Women Want: Frank Talk About Sex, Love & You." One of the women said one of the most erotic thing that ever happened to her was when she was entertaining a group of people in her home. A man she was only vaguely acquainted with started to slowly take his shoes off while he was talking to the others, making intense contact with her. She said it was so dominant and she ended up having the best sex of her life that night with him. Needless to say that magazine got plenty of "use" and the pages literally started to fall out. GQ was so thick back then, this happened to more than one of my issues! That issue had the tall, blonde, extremely handsome Jeff Daniels on the cover so that made it  even hotter. I fantasized that it was I sitting on the floor and Daniels was my guest, taking his handsome dress shoes off, gazing intently into my eyes while everyone around us was clueless except for whatever trivial subject he was going on about. All that mattered was us, and what he was doing to me and how he would linger on after everyone left, so I could "serve" him that night.

I would be interested to see how well my recall of the article is after all these years and see how much is colored by my attraction to men's stockinged feet, and Jeff Daniels. Shoe removal is half the fun, don't you think?

Anyway, now when a man takes his shoes off when no one else has them off in a group gathering, I am instantly aroused. Sigh...Once again, why don't more people in the states take their shoes off when entering a home?! Why?

Jeff Daniels GQ 1987 cover 1.jpg

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GQ was my go-to magazine for sock and foot sightings. I could skim through those magazines for HOURS! 

And I am forever looking at YT clips trying to locate shoeplay videos from meetings. Most I come across are heavenly, while some make me question if the publisher really knows what "shoeplay" really is...

But to answer your question, I have no clue. It could be anything - Dysmorphia; odor; feet get easily cold; overly cautious about stubbing one's toe on something...

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Even the smell of GQ (the cologne samples) gave me a rush before I even finished tearing off the plastic-wrap from my monthly subscriptions.

I know what  you mean about yt "Shoeplay Playlists." Hour upon hour of public meetings with often grainy images of several men wearing shoes is NOT shoeplay!

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