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Retro/Vintage Socks



I want to focus on "Tube Socks" that were so commonly worn *without shame!" in the 1970s and 1980s. Unfortunately, seemingly from women, men are shamed into not wearing socks period, let alone long socks. Yet, their does seem to be a comeback in the gay community of men wearing tube socks and long socks, as well as men in general wearing compression socks. So whatever style socks are in or out, I love the sexy retro style of men in long socks!

mens gray black tube socks 1.png

jock sexy men soccer football otc tube socks 1.jpg

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Whole lotta hardcore/pussy alert! 1900153815_drsmithomg.jpg.8008ae808aff9fbca8d63c28c658ad92.jpg

In 1979 the iconic and internationally known porn star John Holmes ended the decade with a bang, starring in the title role of "California Gigolo." This man wore his long white tube socks with stripes like a second skin. He was born to do porn in that decade. Well, the 1980s were sadly the beginning of the end for Holmes tumultuous career, and very sadly, equally as troubled life. We miss you, Johnny. Marylin Chambers said she couldn't sit for days after doing scenes with Holmes.


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