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Pictorials from Male Insider 1986-12




Etienne Illustrations
Hard Men 1: No Strings Attached by Catalina Video
Rick Donovan by HIS Video
Special by Old Reliable
Stick Shift by HIS Video
The British Are Coming by HIS Video
The Top 10 Biggest Stars by Unidentified
They Drop Their Drawers For My Camera by Unidentified
Toby Matson by Falcon Studios

Etienne Illustrations.jpg

Hard Men 1 No Strings Attached by Catalina Video.jpg

Rick Donovan by HIS Video.jpg

Special by Old Reliable.jpg

Stick Shift by HIS Video.jpg

The British Are Coming by HIS Video.jpg

The Top 10 Biggest Stars by Unidentified.jpg

They Drop Their Drawers For My Camera by Unidentified.jpg

Toby Matson by Falcon Studios.jpg

Male Insider 1986-12 - Macho Publications.zip

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Male Insider, December 1986. This one has a lot to offer.

There's a great photospread with Rick Donovan and his giant dick with the thick vein.

An Old Reliable stud with a big cock.

Hot illustrations from The Hun and Etienne.

There's a feature with a "Higgins Strip Show" which features guys in photos by Catalina. Also called "No Strings Attached." I assume that these sexy guys are from a video. The models are not identified, but I see Jeff Stryker, Rocky Armano, John Rocklin, and John Davenport, all of whom were in, "Hard Men 1: No Strings Attached," a collection of stripping solos released by Catalina, but not directed by William Higgins. Not sure where Higgins comes in. The other two are Jason Lowe and Douglas O'Keefe which fills out the cast. Hot late '80s studs.

Lastly there's a photo spread with blond Englishman Toby Matson, a Falcon star who I had never heard of.

Then there's the Reader's Poll of the "Top Ten Biggest Stars" and I think they mean that very literally. Single pics of Giorgio Canali, Tim Kramer, Michael Christopher (who would've gotten my vote), Lee Rider, Lance, Al Parker, Bill Henson, Jon King, Jack Wrangler & Rick Donovan.

All in all, it's a hot and heavy issue.

Thanks @maleart

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