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Just Men 1982-1-3 - Mavety Media




Cliff Austin by William Higgins
Derek Novak by William Higgins
Frank Johns by William Higgins
Johanne Scott by William Higgins
Kurt Williams by William Higgins
Lance Whitman by William Higgins
Louis & Mike by J Brian
Mark by Unidentified
Mike Dean by William Higgins
Private Photos by Amateurs
Steve Boyd by Brentwood
Up Next by Brentwood
Vex Photography
William Higgins' Talent Scout Confesses by Sacha
Wolf Kentner by J Brian

Cliff Austin by William Higgins.jpg

Derek Novak by William Higgins.jpg

Frank Johns by William Higgins.jpg

Johanne Scott by William Higgins.jpg

Kurt Williams by William Higgins.jpg

Lance Whitman by William Higgins.jpg

Louis & Mike by J Brian.jpg

Mark by Unidentified.jpg

Mike Dean by William Higgins.jpg

Private Photos by Amateurs.jpg

Steve Boyd by Brentwood.jpg

Up Next by Brentwood.jpg

Vex Photography.jpg

William Higgins' Talent Scout Confesses by Sacha.jpg

Wolf Kentner by J Brian.jpg

Just Men 1982-1-3 - Mavety Media.zip

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Just Men issue no3 May 1982. This is very familiar. I think I already have some of this one, but not all.

Lots of hot models here, but I think one of my favorites is handsome, big-dicked Kurt Williams.

But what I really loved is the pictorial by J Brian, "San Francisco Afternoon" with Mike and Louis. Both men are beautiful in different ways, and they're scorching together. 

Terrific issue!

Thanks @maleart

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