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So this is where it all started, my sort of obsession with this game. And these were the first contestants. (P.S. not all of them have their real names, as for some I had only the pictures).

The game is structured in 5 rounds or challenges. The first three rounds are judged in 2 categories a bracket (one vs. one style) and a general table of points in different aspects of the challenges. The challenges are following: 

  1. Challenge - Abs/Muscles
  2. Face
  3. Bulge
  4. Semi-Finals (with those that are left)
  5. And then the remaining contestants fight for 1st place by seeing who has accumulated the most points through out. 

And the first contestants were:

Arthur.thumb.jpg.e87c049a8df8a4999fe138a2938be687.jpg Billy.thumb.jpg.249130fbf02d767561652403f1c06161.jpgBrad.thumb.jpg.4c78b1ff982aacdfd0f9539313dedc88.jpgJake.thumb.jpg.f34f8b1207f82ce2d86b793856f77694.jpg

                         ARTHUR                                               BILLY                                         BRAD                                     JAKE


                 MAX                                      ROBERT                                            VIGGO                                           VINCENT


And then during the contest up until the finals 4 contestants are eliminated.

1st elimination in the Abs Challenge - No one was eliminated due to the same amount of points.

2nd elimination in the Face Challenge - BILLY

3rd elimination in the Bulge Challenge - ROBERT

4th elimination in the Semi-Finals - MAX and ARTHUR



4th PLACE with 87 points JAKE (Michael Walker)

3rd PLACE with 91 points VINCENT (Tyler Sweet)

2nd PLACE with 97 points VIGGO (Viggo Sorensen)

1st PLACE with 99 points BRAD (Michael Yerger)


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