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Hot Male Review 1986-05 - Magcorp Publishing



Hot Male Review 1986-05 - Magcorp Publishing


Models: Christopher George by Dean Alan, David Cannon by Eagle Studio, Melchor by Holt Studio, Robert Russel by Kristen Bjorn


Photography: Down Under by Aussie Graphics, Lance Lines by Chuck Love, Outtakes by Hunk Studio, Porn by Hunk Studio, Roy Dean by Rho Delta Press, Steam Room Fuck Buddies


Movies: Arcade by West American Film, Hot Mechanics by Hot Videos, Lifeguard by Duke Communications, Santa Monica Boulevard by Duke Communications, Therapy by Surge Studio


Amateurs: Rookies


Illustrations: Richard White


Hot Male Review 1986-05 - Magcorp Publishing.zip


BONUS Photos/Videos: Axel Rockham, Blake, Brysen, Clark Reid, Eddie Burke 2022-11-25 by Sean Cody


Big Orgy
What could be better than some of the hottest Sean Cody newbies paired with a few of our hottest veterans for a five-man orgy? Brysen, Blake, Clark, Axel, and Eddie chill by the pool in their matching Sean Cody swimsuits, horsing around in the water and flashing glimpses of their cocks for the camera. But the orgy action really begins in the gym, with Clark and Blake getting their pump on together until Blake fucks the curly-haired hunk. They're joined by Axel, who helps Blake spit-roast the bottom, and then Brysen joins the party. Once Eddie arrives, he gets Clark to himself as Axel, Brysen and Blake form a train, and these guys' powerful thrusts give the gym equipment a major workout! Clark bends over on a block and takes four big loads on his muscle ass, then lies back and jacks it till he cums.

Axel Rockham, Blake, Brysen, Clark Reid, Eddie Burke 2022-11-25 by Sean Cody.zip

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Great issue with Melchor Diaz on the cover.

A "Dick Darling" comic strip by Sean. And a terrific portfolio of hot art by Richard White.

Dirty photos from the video "Hot Mechanics," as well as single pics from other videos (wish they gave us more!) 

I don't know most of the sexy models, but I like how they've supplied the names of most of them. I just wish I knew this guy's name.

Thanks @maleart!

Hot Male Review 1986-05 - Magcorp Publishing_Page_18_Image_0001.jpg

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