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Glenn Bishop



I chose to call my video Image and Shadow for a few reasons.  One is the image of Glenn being obsessed about by photographers as well as using his own image to sell.  The shadow refers to possible early exploitation of him as well as his waning interest in his modeling days.  
I too have to admit to being smitten with the image of Glenn Bishop.  This perfection in photo - tanned, toned and handsome - and his willingness to show off.  His athleticism in high school, especially swimming really developed his V-shape that was was known for.  The scant body hair perpetuated a forever 20's image that I feel most admirers were attracted to.  
As his modeling career started - Irv Johnson and Cliff Oettinger took advantage of such a willing subject.  If you check out Lloyd's of Hollywood on Etsy, you'll see a seller selling reprints of photos completely against copyright law so much so that he has been banned from eBay.  He carries several very early high school photos taken of Glenn, most likely by Johnson.  For a physique collector, these images are just that - empty reprints that lack intrinsic value.  
My video is just me showing off some of my collection.  I wish I could show my very large poster photo of Glenn.  I'm afraid I'll damage it somehow as it is rolled up and over 50" long.  The story behind it is that Oettinger working on department store windows in Chicago and had access to a large photo reproducer.  He gifted the poster to Bishop and it was never used.  Bishop's son sold it to the person I obtained it from.  The seller I bought it from also sold me 5 11x17" photos of Glenn from the Saugatuck Dunes State Park in Michigan.  I believe there were two shoots there with about two years in between and these photos were from the second shoot based on how Glenn looks.  It seems that he walked the trails completely naked, which is crazy for a public park. 
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Thanks for posting your very informative video.  I love vintage models and Glenn Bishop was one of the best.....awesome from head to toe.👍

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