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So I've been meaning to drop a blog about this shortly after Tiff & I went to the 2022 NPC Atlanta Classic back in mid July.
I had made some profile posts about us going to it & looking forward to seeing half naked muscular men in posing trunks.Β πŸ˜‰Β Oh yeah we check them out alright, not only 🀀 over their muscular figures but some of the bulges in their posing trunks. A couple you could tell were packing some serious dick! 😍

During a break in the show for stage changes, we ran into some promoter guy as both Tiff & I notice he was checking us out. So after a nice lil chat with him, he set us up with some backstage passes as he could tell we wanted to meet some of the bodybuilders.

After it ended, Tiff & I stayed afterwards & met some of them like Jackson here. He was so nice to meet & friendly. So much that we sweet talked him into posing for this photo! 🀭


We didn't even tell Jackson that some of his pubic hair was showing when we took the photo. What made this even better is that after he invited us back to his changing room & the door closed, he pulled his posing trunks down exposing his very impressive hairy black penis!Β πŸ€€πŸ†πŸ˜

Thats all Tiff & I needed as both us began to take our clothes off which he helped, especially when I got down to my bra & thong, which he literally ripped my thong off of me! ☺️

After Tiff & I were completely naked with Jackson, both of our eyes glued to his impressive black dick as he began to play with it. I told Jackson that I was horny & wet as fuck & that I really wanted to enjoy his penis πŸ†! He replies that he was planning on fuckin both Tiff & I. He did compliment both of our bodies as we made our way to the shower 🚿. As soon as the shower began, Tiff & I took turns having fun playing with his growing black dick πŸ†. As we proceeded, Jackson then grabbed & picked me up & mounted me on his now fully erect black penis! I began to bounce up & down on him, enjoying every thrust. About 10 minutes of fucking me, he turned to Tiff & mounted her. I played around with my body & pussy while watching Tiff get plowed by him. Jackson then unmounted Tiff & had us kneel on the shower floor as he began to jerk off. Tiff & I knew what was next & waited with expectation.

What happened next will forever be etched into my memory. Jackson unloaded a really nice massive shot of semenΒ πŸ’¦ all over Tiff & I! Both of us got coated on our faces & our boobs! I even got a lil taste of it as some of it got into my mouth which I swallowed. After his eruption, Tiff & I took turns suckin on his massive black dick to get the last of his semen. I tasted even when I did. Such yummy semen!

Tiff & I then made our way back to the shower to clean up. While we did we let Jackson watch as we licked his semen off of each others boobs. As we were in the shower 🚿, I whispered to Tiff that we ought to give him a show. She agreed as her & I began to make out. We made our way to the shower floor kissing & groping each other making sure Jackson had a good view. We took turns enjoying each others bare pussy with some subtle pleasure moans. Both us noticed during this, Jackson was jerking off while watching us. We stopped when Jackson blew another load of his semen πŸ’¦!

Tiff & I collected ourselves & got dressed. Jackson walked with us out to our waiting cab out front. Just as I was about to get into the cab, I give Jackson & hug & thank him. He thanked us & whispers to me that he really wanted to unload his semen inside me. I then looked at him with a smile & winked. ☺️

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