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All American Boys - Scott Masters, Nova




The Paperboy's Payoff

Frank Corder & Rusty Anderson

Being a paperboy can lead to some very exciting adventures, and blond and trim Rusty Anderson gets a special treat when making his collection from Frank Corder for Frank's warm and willing mouth is just the thing to start Rusty on a hot sex trip that goes round the world ending in Frank's humpy buns and culminating in climaxes that send jets of hot juices arcing into the ass and puddling down on hot flesh and into hungry mouths.




Pinball Wizard

Jerry O'Brien & Pat Fulton

When Pat wins at pinball, Jerry has to pay up on their bet. It seemed a good idea before the game began, and Pat certainly turns Jerry on, but Jerry finds the idea a little scary - at first. Soon, however, both young studs are lost in a sex world of their own and steely hard cocks make their demands of passion in a game that no one loses.




Try It On For Size

Erick Martin & Hans Mueller

Erick comes home with a new tanktop to show Hans. He finds his roommate asleep. However, Hans' giant cock is awake, fully aroused and too tempting for Erick to resist. Erick's hot lips pump the big dick and awaken Hans who happily proceeds to give Erick a fuck that no one will forget very soon.




Ross Franklin & Unknown


Rusty Evans & Unknown


Unknown Duo


All American Boys - Scott Masters.zip


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