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Jay Howard: An Idol Worshipped



Mel Roberts discusses Jay Howard in Outcome magazine (Vol. 3, No. 11, 1991).


Some extracts:

 "Mel: I first met Jay through a friend of mine who was running a clothing store. He said he had a guy working for him who I might be interested in. . . . The funny part was I walked in the store & I realized I had seen him just a week before. I was driving up into the hills to interview another model. As I was driving by this house this guy was standing out front washing a car wearing nothing but a pair of shorts. As I drove by I looked at him, he looked at me & I thought God he's gorgeous! I continued on up the hill but on the way back down he was gone, he wasn't anywhere to be seen. It turned out to be him that I saw later in the clothing store.

 [H]e had done some modeling for AMG so he wasn't new to the endeavor so I asked him if he'd be interested & he said sure. We made up an appointment & went out and took some pictures and we did that a couple more times. Then about 6 months later he was looking for a place to stay and asked me if I had any vacancies. I said yes, he moved in & lived here for 11 years.

 When he was living here, I lived up in the hills, and he had a little gardening business going. He put up flyers & into people's mail boxes and had a phone number. In face he had a couple movie stars on his route.

 [H]e's part Cherokee Indian. He was born in Oklahoma then moved to Texas & lived there for most of his life. He lost his folks in a plane crash & was raised by an ultra religious Grandmother.

 Outcome: That explains the porno! 

 Mel: Right that was his reaction. As a matter of fact, he ran away from her when he was 17. She used to drag him to all these church services. He said she was a holy roller type and twice & three three times a week he had to go with her. He said it turned him against religion completely & totally. In fact when he finally moved here to Los Angeles he used to keep in contact with her. "


Little Red Sky (Jay Howard) seduces a Cavalryman in Reflections of an Indian Boy (Dir. Dick Clark, 1972) 


Jay Howard by AMG (and others): https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/33287-jay-howard/

More by AMG https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/8178-howard-jay/


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