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Aiden Shaw's poetry



Aiden Shaw probably does not need much of an introduction. He began his career as a porn star c. 1992 - I am not sure what his first video was, although The Art of Touch 2 (Dir. Mike Esser, 1992) seems likely.

During this time, he also befriended Derek Jarman, who wrote this about him in his diary (published as Smiling in Slow Motion):

"I met Aiden Shaw this morning as I went into Bar Italia. He said he'd got a very big dick, slightly hooked for his 'punters'" (Tuesday, 3 September 1991 [page 50]).

"My porn star friend Aiden thinks he's the Stryker of the nineties. Jeff in Manchester said when Aiden was a student he was excessively shy and clean-living. Since then he's had a most successful career selling  his body and has just returned from the set of a porn film in the US" (Saturday, 13 March 1992, [page 97]).

In 1996, Aiden published a collection of poems called If language at the same time distorts our ideas and emotions, how do we communicate love?  The first edition was limited to 250 copies, and featured a portrait by Pierre et Gilles on the cover. In the 2000s, he posted readings of his poems to his website, most of which were not included in the 1996 collection.  

Here is a selection of poems from the 1996 collection, along with the audio recordings from his website. 

Poems from If language at the same time....

 image.thumb.jpeg.ec3f594c89fba121d24bf3d2292d0129.jpeg 1996-aiden-shaw-if-language-at-the-same-time.thumb.jpg.8479fd2db317f8ff4a2b26a7b8ebed00.jpg81qFAt2it0L.thumb.jpg.4ebcd71a1c2cdca3fba4474ca639d464.jpg1182071845_AidenShawIfLanguage.thumb.jpg.c3ced72adeca9b736a9f0639f602431d.jpg


This is dedicated to
All the friends who've been false to me 
All the grown ups who misguided me
All the lovers that hated me
All the teachers that tried to trick me
All the officials who've lied
All the religions that abused my faith
All the punters who cheated me
All the people who've put me down or enjoyed embarrassing me
To all the things in my life that made ever made me sad 
And made me react

Dedication (alternative version, with harp)

I love to look at a man

I love to look at a man
More than this I love to smell a man
More than this I love to kiss a man
More than this I love to feel a man's hard cock against me
More than this I love to suck a man's hard cock
More than this I love to make a man come
More than this I love to swallow a man's cum
More than this I love to fuck with a man and come in his 
arse or him come in mine
More than this I love life
More than this I love to look at man
More than this I love to smell a man
repeat and fade 

When I was wanking

When I was wanking
I thought of a beautiful man that I know,
After a couple of strokes 
I remembered that he was dead.
I was confused, 
I didn't know whether I was honouring him or abusing him.
It was as though I were trapping him in a physical world.

Never before have I seen a mouth...

Never before have I seen a mouth that I would so eagerly 
drink from
I would have swallowed his spit
Just knowing that it came from those lips
I would have loved to have inside me
Anything that came from his body
His sweat
His cum
His blood
Even his tears
Just because they were his

Somebody once asked me...

Somebody once asked me. 'How much do you love me?'
I said, 'This much,'
And stretched out my arms as far as they would go.
'Is that all?' they said.
So I stretched further, expanding my chest and reaching as 
far as I could.
But still this wasn't enough for them.
Once again I stretched, 
This time so far back that my knuckles met behind me.
At this point my skin began to split, 
My ribs began to crack,
My chest tore open,
My heart burst out
And fell on the floor.
We both looked at it as it became cooler and cooler
And more still and more still
Until finally it was cold and dead. 
Then a crowd of strangers appeared
And one by one they approached.
But because they didn't recognize my heart
They trampled over it. 
I have learnt from this 
Never to show somebody how much I love them.

I lived my fantasies

I lived my fantasies
I became my fantasy
Until what I had been became my fantasy 

Poetry readings (download):

Aiden Shaw - 6 poems (readings).rar

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