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Bias Based on Looks Do Not Reflect Sexual Proclivities of Handsome Hunky Model




henry-0008.thumb.jpeg.af5dd311dd52b165ed27bc0e6fab1ca9.jpegThis handsome British hunk looks like he could’ve just come from the set of Downton Abbey or the lead actor in a new production of a Jane Austen novel.  How he became involved with this particular website is a testament to their recruiting skills.  And kudos for him agreeing to subject himself to all the sexual acts in the scene including humiliation and physical pain is a mystery to me.

But then I realize I am biased by his good looks and I am making assumptions which have nothing to do with his sexual preferences or personal fetishes. Apart from being compensated for appearing in the video, perhaps he is even more motivated to be fulfilling his submissive desires.

His pain looked genuine and I cannot help but empathize with him while watching certain scenes.  I imagined he was an amateur who has somehow contractually bound himself to the completion of the scenes without fully understanding the specifics of what will be done to him. Thankfully the producers set my mind at ease with a short interview at the end of the video showing the handsome actor smiling or with no signs of being traumatized from doing the scene.




henry-0001.thumb.jpeg.1e6470175551151a6d1b9295faddb45d.jpegI believe this is a one off for this beautiful man apart from a solo casting video he made for a related website. Even though I wish he could’ve worked instead with Men At Play or Knk Men, I am thankful that this website was able to connect with him and created a fantasy for us to enjoy his deep green eyes, and square jaws.  We also got to witness the exploitation of his athletic body.



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Yes, an all male CMNM version of say, Emma or Pride and Prejudice would do the trick. Henry the suitor would be naked throughout his courtship of the Bennett brothers

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this is perturbingly hot ! I'd like to see more videos from this site. Is like a fantasy 



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