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Nominee Malik Delgaty Inducted Into "The Nines" with High Scores



In recognition of his physical perfection, Malik Delgaty is honored as the newest member of "The Nines". He joins Tomas Salek, Tom Lawson, Dmitry Averyanov, and Hoyt Kogan in an exclusive club of extraordinary men who represent the male ideal. Since perfection does not exist, each member is scored on the basis of Face, Body and Cock. Here are Malik's scores:

1830676887_malikdelgatyface.thumb.jpg.877e719f6e563e25d4cbb86d329172c6.jpglarge.1152492087_malikdelgaty0036.jpeg.webp.6ca11c8fbef00071469b0be918c5f830.webplarge.1650271968_malikdelgaty0024.jpeg.101b6fb835300867303a808c39474bc7.jpegFace: 9.5

Blessed with square jaws, a dimpled chin, deep set eyes and signature pouty lips, Malik's money-maker has helped him to cross-over into the world of Fine Art and Fashion Modeling. 

He has become a muse for legendary photographer David Vance, and his handsome face has graced covers of international magazines. He is increasingly sought after as ambassador for product brands and national ad campaigns.

Successful models must be versatile with their looks. For the cover of DNA Magazine Malik replaced his signature pout with one of the brightest and cheerful smiles this side of a Bel Ami Photoshoot.


1535547679_malikdelgatybody.thumb.jpg.e699db62b1f6c00f0a3a42d90753a8b3.jpglarge.1323214943_malikdelgaty0034.jpeg.a6745c587f9d3ec865fbdf6511acb5e8.jpeglarge.1082580471_malikdelgaty0031.jpeg.4b03e284790f1e180b736d9fed5f4f81.jpegBody: 9.6

Like a classical Greek statue, Malik's body is sculpted to perfection.  He knows the combination for making the optimal impression: wide well-rounded shoulders attached to juicy pecs and Texas-sized guns for arms.  Chiseled abs, cum gutters and a narrow waist combine to form the classic V torso.  A pair of tree-trunk thighs complete the "superhero" physique.     

Years of experience as a stripper who is a master performer on the pole has made Malik keenly aware of how to make his body look good from all angles.  Whether he's posing for a classical fine art portrait; or harnessed & holstered in leather, or strutting down the runway during New York Fashion Week, he's got the right moves and poses to fit the occasion.


337947647_malikdelgatycock.thumb.jpg.6c028e019c6ddfac5876f701d2c6553d.jpglarge.916870767_malikdelgaty0027.jpeg.108abc3e9e37aad98bbe59979958adc3.jpeglarge.338275450_malikdelgaty0020.jpeg.e7ef4450001c25fb2ac6f3e7bc0fd101.jpegCock: 9.5

As a performer who is an exclusive top for Men.com, the largest gay porn studio in the world, Malik is well equipped with a thick, beautifully shaped cock that is always camera-ready and stays hard throughout his scenes no matter how rigorous the fucking.

For studio marketing photoshoots, Malik makes sure his co-star is front and center, fully engorged and engaged.

Within the span of two years, Malik has amassed over 500K followers on Twitter.  He has successfully converted those numbers into paying subscribers to his Only Fans account.  He collaborates with other top talents in the industry to create content.  



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He certainly deserves to be a member 🙂 

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