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A Tribute to Bodybuilder Gareth aka Sam



large.gareth-aka-sam-00029.jpeg.f2f560a81acdc2115018ff484e06f032.jpeglarge.gareth-aka-sam-00025.jpeg.3de57146ce2ecbd6305f38dc239992cf.jpeglarge.gareth-aka-sam-0005.jpeg.82a53b808098af8be9cad9cf2a0c505f.jpegSam aka Gareth was a well known fitness model because of his masculine good looks, sculpted muscular body, and his willingness to do full frontal nudity. He was well-endowed and his cock was also photogenic. 

He worked with renowned photographers Michael Stokes, Dylan Rosser and Pierre Monnerville who shot the amazing ochre-tinged portraits (right image).  They are not Photoshopped so you can clearly see the details in skin texture.

Sadly, I read that Gareth passed not long after these images were taken.  




Apart from the download from the studio below, he also did solos for Men At Play, BadPuppy and Blake Mason (Preview Below).  He mentioned in his solo he also did straight porn.  If anyone is in possession of these works, please kindly share.



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"a photogenic" cock? ha ha, ok, I've never made that observation about a guys cock.

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