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Invitation to appear in DIVA Magazine



Hey allย ๐Ÿ˜Š
Hope everyone is doing good.

I have accepted an invite to appear in an upcoming issue of DIVA Magazine, which is apparently Europe's leading magazine directed towards lesbian & bi women. Seems as though I will be taking part in a nude issue for them that's in the planning stages.

Think most of you all know me, that this shouldn't come as a shock to you that I am doing this. I've been pretty adventurous & uninhibited when it comes to things like this.
I know that I've never really chatted much about it here, but I've always been pretty proud to be a bisexual woman.ย I've always have been comfortable with other women pretty much since & during my college years. Over the years since, I would occasionally explore my need to enjoy having sex with another woman. Aย part of me would just get lost in it & enjoy the pleasures of it, especially when it came to scissoring.


Sure most of you remember when my man, daughter, I spent about a week a few months ago with his friend out in New Mexico. Matter of fact it was then & the last time I've had sex with another woman was during that trip. It had been a while since I've really gotten to really enjoyย another woman. We had explored each other a couple times, the first time being when we had the house to ourselves. It started outside by the pool while sunbathing after we took our bikinis off & made our way inside to the shower!

Muchย โค๏ธ

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On 10/17/2019 at 7:41 PM, InevitableDreamer said:

Tell us more

How was it different than being with your man?ย ย 


See this blog post & hope it answers your question


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