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Tuesday - 26th



just a few quick lines to say Hi and let you know I again gave you premium pulchritude, largely because I don't want to do half of one topic one day and the rest the next. whatever! continuing thanks to the clubmembers who are helping me to identify these lovely dads and lads, and a warm welcome to our newcomers! we'll be back to named models before you know it!








Leathers 01.jpg

Leathers 03.jpg

Leathers 05.jpg

Leathers 07.jpg

Levi 03.jpg

Levi 05.jpg

Levi 08.jpg

Levi 10.jpg

Levi 12.jpg

Mer 1-03.jpg

Mer 1-05.jpg

Mer 1-07.jpg

Mer 1-09.jpg

Mer 1-11.jpg

Mer 2-01.jpg

Mer 2-03.jpg

Mer 2-05.jpg

Mer 2-07.jpg

Military 1-03.jpg

Military 1-05.jpg

Military 1-07.jpg

Military 1-09.jpg

Military 1-11.jpg

Military 2-01.jpg

Military 2-03.jpg

Military 2-05.jpg

Military 2-07.jpg

Military 2-09.jpg

Military 2-99.jpg

Military 1-98.jpg

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