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play reading



image.png.16bfa5db8a6a77da0c9e511d1eed0a2c.png agreed to be in a play

- one very teeny play -

-  a teeny, tiny, one act play -

of an evening of one act plays

that actually have no real connection to each other

other that they seemingly are about relationships that go askew


image.png.879b19c706d3cae937bac97072b684d2.png agreed to be Man #1 in David Auburn's Miss You


image.png.993c464cb095194f0d31c32054135368.png would share a youtube clip of the play

but you are better off getting the short script

http://facweb.northseattle.edu/jclapp/English 111 Intro Lit/PDFs of Readings/Auburn.pdf


there are a couple of youtube clips of the entire play

which is less than 10 minutes long

but image.png.54ce5c1c693a7a9fa9de7f8760127ca8.pngthinks both of them are seriously lousy


it seems - based on the response of the reading - image.png.f64b9a06fbfaf5966069bcc467ae3671.png seems to be the one who actually makes man #1 funny

image.png.73d48b1d1dd347f3eeab485b813109ff.pngreading of the line "I missed my plane" got a considerable laugh

that was not expected



so - in the comedy competetition

image.png.08eca94f0f86c1c7db9c606241fd6005.png will have only 3 other challengers that night



image.png image.png
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