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Becoming a real cowgirl

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Two weeks ago I traveled with two female friends of mine to Baltimore. Our objective: to go to a full Monty male strip club. These are the only two people who know me in real life that I mentioned to that I find men attractive. (Before this trip they had no clue about any activity I had had with other men.) They therefore said if I was serious about this, to prove myself we should go to Baltimore.

To make a long (and hard) story short, we had some private fun with a hot stripper and I got to lick his cock (and balls) in front of them. They were in a state of shock, but after that we bonded. They said they were proud of me and said I am now "one of the girls". ☺️ 

There were also a handful of other men at this place, which also made me feel more at ease. I talked with a few of these guys and exchanged numbers with a few too...hehe

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This is so hot. I’m proud of you. Your girlfriends sound great. You are “one of the girls.” (You already were a penis sucker, of course, but now you’ve done it front of your friends.) 

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10 hours ago, PAcowboy said:

To be fair, I am now only up to two dicks in my mouth 🤣

I’m proud of you. 

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I have several gay friends i feel like there my Girlfriends they tell me everything 

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