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evil, awful, obnoxious doggy



for over a week

evil, awful, obnoxious doggy has been making messes

in very inconvenient locations


now, y'all could say

"awww. poor evil, awful, obnoxious doggy must not be feeling well"

there is a problem with that

ya see -

if ANYBODY puts an item of food in their mouth

evil, awful, obnoxious doggy determines that is a new meal

and, therefore, MUST be shared

and after the meal there MUST be a dessert


before dessert a boney!!!


when evil, awful, obnoxious doggy is informed

"this is not a meal"

or "you already had a bone AND a cookie!"

it is not unusual for evil, awful, obnoxious doogy

to not just start whining

but to physically beat hit you


(they are called boxers for a reason)


when that does not work

you crap


but only where we KNOW you have to pass

and can not pass without seeing it

and it will never be in an easy to clean spot


image.png.f90e386c7e8e5748d277d12d948990b9.png getting seriously tired of cleaning up after this mutt after 2 hours in  the afternoon

and then virtually all night


it seems to evil, awful, obnoxious doggy

that image.png.6a3d62e31735890ab0f676dfcde61a13.png is nothing but evil, awful, obnoxious doggy's toilet


here is to hoping someone else comes upon something

evil, awful, obnoxious doggy has done

because again

evil, awful, obnoxious doggy had to be told

"you can't eat chocolate! it's mine!"


evil, awful, obnoxious doggy is still whining and image.png.97d07e44295076912ef5322c6d7e331f.png literally just heard

"OWWW! get your fucking hands off me!"

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i wish the pics could be seen, but they won't even show when you open them in a new tab!! 

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