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Kudos to Nick Sandell Who Has Been Inducted into "The Nines"



large.1569397260_nicksandell0055.jpeg.9bb91a8f6c029c66cad39cee5a8d1f66.jpegWith a career in commercial fashion and fitness modeling that has spanned over the past decade, Nick Sandell is an industry legend with loyal fans from around the globe.   He is also a favorite model with photographers, known for his dedication to maintaining his famous  physique in peak condition and photoshoot ready at a moment's notice.  He has an adventurous and creative spirit which have allowed many of his collaborations to yield works with artistic merit.  Some have stood the test of time and have achieved iconic status as the are instantly recognizable.  Over the years he has amassed an impressive archive from commercial shoots as well as from artistic and personal collaborations.  

Due to our standard of using only high resolution images for our galleries, much of his early works were not included.  Nick's career is experiencing a reboot and he has been busy working to capture his new leaner look that was inspired by practicing yoga.  We have been busy tracking down his recent collaborations to balance the gallery with new works while celebrating the very distinctively muscular look that helped define his early career and made him so popular with fans.  

Nominees to "The Nines" are scored on three factors: Face, Body and Cock.  

Nick's face is the embodiment of the All-American, clean-cut, athlete from Anytown, USA and throughout his career that image has served him well.  The second part of the equation for his success was his muscular physique with its unique proportions.  As a fitness model, he was celebrated for his broad rounded shoulders, well-defined pecs and abs and broad tree trunk thighs. Nick's lack of inhibition gave rise to opportunities to work with famous photographers on personal projects that involved full frontal nudity.  He was well-equipped with a camera-ready cock that helped him garner even more fans and photographers eager to work with talent of his caliber. 

Nick's Score:

Face: 9.3

Body: 9.4

Cock: 9.4

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