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haven`t been feeling well



hey gang, a few days ago at the gym, one of my friends was just leaving as i got there. i asked if he had a good workout, but he said he had to stop his workout after 15 minutes due to a severe headache. about 2 days after that, one of the guys that shares the same house as myself said he wasn't feeling well, but he had a sore throat and a slight cough. i noticed i wasn`t feeling too good myself, but it took another 24 hours before i was sure.

i started off with light headedness, feeling totally drained, really bad headaches, and cold chills through my body. i knew i didn`t catch anything from the guy at our house, since some of my symptoms matched those of the friend at the gym, i must have caught what he had. 

i went to bed on Saturday and pretty much slept for over 18 hours. i got up Sunday morning feeling a little better and figured i'd get stronger as the day progressed. i took my walk, and hit the gym, thinking i might be able to get my leg workout in i had to cancel the day before, for said reasons.

when i got to the gym, i knew i wasn't going to be doing any working out at all. so i had my shower and walked back home. a few hours later i was back in bed and slept another 18 to 20 hours. i got up this morning as i needed to take my meds as well as some vitamins, and minerals. i take them everyday anyway!! i know i am still not up to par, so i have to apologize to @Cool_a for not being able to start the new banner. i have some great idea`s for the banner, and i will get to them as soon as i am feeling better. thanks in advance for understanding my friend!! with love from Wes!! hugs!!! 


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I think you caught what seems to be going around, some call it a very bad cold, others a form of bronchitis.   It will drag on a little while longer, and you will feel wiped out for a while.   Mega hairy muscle hugs wishing you a speedy recovery.!!!!!!!!@@@1aaaaagetwellsoon1.gif.cc440d0708bafc95f1a5b19016ad819c.gif

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thanks Kawika!! i am feeling much better now, but i am so far behind on everything from notifications at AdonisMale to my email. i am catching up, slowly!! 

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Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well.  Glad that you are feeling better--always a good thing.  I'm sure no one at AdonisMale is upset that you are a little behind--shit happens!  Hope you continue to get better and things are back to normal for you.

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