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Southern Peach Babe of the Month (Oct 2019) Part 2



Well it's official now as I am October 2019 - Southern Peach Babe of the Month!

Some of the pics that are going to be published in addition to the ones in my previous blog post.






Text included reads:

Susan Valentine
This peach is one hot momma with a wild past

“Other than sex, nothing is more enjoyable than running around completely naked!”

Since calling it quits from modeling to start a family, this bombshell has one hell of a track record in which consists of:
2006 Miss Nude ATL, Pacific Coast Filmworks Adult Performer, Pink Pony (Atlanta) - Full Nude Performer

On most warm & sunny Georgia days you can find our Southern Peach enjoying the sun. She claims to be an avid nude sunbather, so anytime that she can layout & enjoy the sun, she is most likely to be wearing her birthday suit! She is so proud of & comfortable with her body that she has no qualms with nudity, so much that she claims herself as a uninhibited exhibitionist. “Other than sex, nothing is more enjoyable than running around completely naked!” “Matter of fact back in August I had spent a week in Jamaica attending a special event at Hedo II & even enjoyed spending time on a nude beach to work on my already all over body tan!”

As for being naked around other men, she states that she has always been comfortable with it but they hate it when they find out she is taken, which really shouldn’t be a surprise. She experienced a lot of this when she used to strut herself fully nude on stage at Pink Pony in Atlanta. “Kinda turned me on sometimes being on stage eventually getting naked & all of those men drooling over me!”

Previous blog post:


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You are taken.


Mind you, I wouldn't know what to do.

No gearstick to drive.

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Congrats on being one luscious 🍑!  

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Congratulations to AM's very own Georgia Peach!  

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