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Mandate November 2008 | Smack Down (1971-1979)



Magazine of the Day: 💷 This issue contains 8 Model Pictorials, 5 Lifestyle Articles, and 2 Fiction Stories (Highlights: Cruisin' Naked! 9 Hot Hunks! | Mick & Miles: Pride Week Fuck-Buds | Boner Buffet! Cover Hottie Bares It & Shares It!  | "Mr. Cocksucker" Jr. Execs Velvet Lips)

Movie of the Day:  🎬  Naked, sweaty, and ready to attack! Nut twisting, ass slapping, scissor headlocks, and all the moves that made AMG #1 for wrestling. For the first time on DVD, in AMG's 1970s brawl-based series, vintage hunks take to the mats - sans singlets - to show you what real men are made of. With all that testosterone, this 90-minute feature is sure to have you screaming "Uncle!" in no time. (Highlights: Nude Wrestling of course.)

Enjoy... Eric 🙂😍


Cover: Harry Louis


Centerfold:  Mick & Miles


Mandate Magazine November 2008 Full Issue PDF Download / Screenshots / Description: 💷


Mandate Magazine November 2008 Full Issue Gallery: 📷


Movie: Nude Wrestling Film Classics: Smack Down (1971-1979): 🎬

Link to Movie  📽️

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Allan Stanford
Avery Heath
Bill Fehrman
Bill Holden
Bob Bryson
Bob Hunter
Buddy Houston
Charles Hayes
Chris Chavez
Chuck Moore
David O'Boyle
David Parrish
Donald L. Kimrey
Gary Steele
Glen Hayes
Gypsy Kitchens
J.D. Gregg
Jerry Bryson
Jerry Sims
Jesse Allen
Mad Dog Mains
Michael O'Shale
Mitch Zorro
Phil Seward
Richard E. Lee
Ron Milhorn
Ron Warner
Sean O'Brien (amg)
Steve Espie
Tico Patterson
Tony Warner
Wayne Pickett
Willy Vance
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