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Penis Envy


Every now and then I come across something like this which is a work of art.....perfection at it's best......this guy...wow......this guy is the best gorgeous bottom on the web........his body is beautifully tanned......his muscular frame is perfect!!!! The way he cums ...Perfection!!!! He makes you cum just watching him.....Take a look!!!


Penis envy is all about other men wishing they had a big fat long penis that was capable of multiple shooting of cum.... 


Now....I could not let this video past by after cumming to it 6 times......interesting the guy in the video cums 6 times too. This video is the epitome of power as he uses his gorgeous well-shape feet and toes.....his huge eight inch cock...and his vocal moans, groans, and growls to trigger yu to cum with him....and it works...Take a look


Keep shakin' up the milk until you get a milkshake.....all thick and creamy.



Up close and personable as this guy gets drained....


And after shakin' it up....the milk squirts like champagne from a bottle....



Taking about Penis envy....this guy just drains his partner 5 times. The milk is flowing. And I must say this. Milk flows a lot more when people are in love ❤️....it just does. Check it out.



This guy wants you or anyone to jerk off with him......he's good for it.

















Axel is my online husband who lives in Chile. Made this video for him and he liked it so much he wanted me to share it the world.....take a look.


Many times cumming feels like you are pleasantly dying....in reality Doctors and the medication profession with documented evidence states we do die every time we cum or sneeze....this guy definitely is dying here...take a look.



This is HOT!!!! I don't want to ruin it for you...just take a look.




🔥 Hot 🔥



Now this is what happens on a regular basis every day....some where someone is doing this to someone



This orgasm is very common among men......



Cum with tasty chocolate chip milk...


This is good..................




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the B&W video with Joe Parker is just superb, I love this guy / la vidéo en N&B avec Joe Parker est top, excitante, bandante.... j'adore ce mec et il vieillit bien

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I know 😏 I love 💕 Joe Parker too. He has not been working out like he use to. I think it's because he's in relationship and COVID. He looks weaker.

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I really love the Bald Headed guy......makes me because of the veins on his head and neck and the way he sucks Joe's dick!!!! I can't get through the entire video!!!! Hahahaha...lol.....hahahaha



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Never could understand why some gay men harbour a foot fetish. Not for me. Who wants to look at some blokes foot when you want to suck his cock?

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Well ...the power of a man's cock is in His Feet.....all the veins....All the nerves........and nerve endings......most of my Husbands and men I slept did not have a feet fetish until they met me........and they like their toes being suck....they said it gave them a warm/hot senergy. And they loved getting their soles liked.....the nerves in their feet when I licked them went straight to their cocks....it makes it easier to drain their milk...you understand that...right? 

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