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Mandate July 2008 | SOS (Screw on the Screen) 1975



Magazine of the Day: This issue contains 8 Model Pictorials, 4 Lifestyle Articles, and 2 Fiction Stories (Highlights: Zack Rockwood: Stud Bones Bi-Curious Bud | Sauna Sex Gym Jocks Pump 'n' Hump | Marty & Kyle Circuit Hotties Hook Up | Trouser Trout (A Review))

Movie of the Day: Ugly tattoos are featured on Don Allen, who plays an army sergeant getting a blow job from a young recruit. This XXX homosexual segment in a mainstream porn feature is evidently included to show Buckley & Goldstein's bona fides as irreverent pornographers. It is posited as an "illustrated" vignette based on the "My Scene" column of Screw, supposedly printing readers' submitted real-life stories (a la the later popular Penthouse forums), but is narrated in stroke-book prose clearly fabricated by a Screw staff writer. (Highlights: I loved the dialogue in this short scene so much that I had to share it.)

Enjoy... Eric ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ˜


Mandate Magazine July 2008 Full Issue PDF Download / Screenshots / Description:

Cover: Kaden Saylor

Centerfold: Huessein:


Mandate Magazine July 2008 Full Issue Gallery:


Movie Scene: SOS (Screw on the Screen) (1975):

Cast: Don Allen, A. C. Jones

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