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** UPDATE **

So I spent some time earlier today with a rep from Southern Peach going over a few things about me as they're in the process of finalizing for the feature next month. Basically wanted to confirm what was submitted by my man & some other info. Asked if I had another pic of myself showing a little more skin yet seductive other than what they already had.

I ended up giving them this one to use.


After emailing it to the rep, he confirmed he got it & that it should be more than good to use.
Both of us laughed when I replied "I hope so cause I am practically naked!" 🤭


Southern Peach Babe of the Month (Oct 2019)



So it seems as though my man entered this pic me in my metallic blue & black zebra print thong bikini 👙 (which was taken a couple years ago) to some small state wide publication called "Southern Peach". 😲 Which I never heard of till now.


I just got an email from them congratulating on being named as their Georgia Peach of the Month for next month! 🤭
They also included 2 media prints of me as the Georgia Peach of the Month - October 2019



I also found out that he gave them some history about me, such as that I had done a couple small budget porn vids, named 2006 Miss Nude Atlanta, & former full nude performer at Pink Pony - Atlanta.

Dunno what I am gonna do with him!
Comment below as I am open to suggestions for his punishment! 🤭


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