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Mandate May 2008 | A Few Good Men (1983)



I just got back and settled from having evacuated my home in Southeast Florida for the third year in a row due to hurricanes. My husband Brett and I packed up with his parents and our combined 5 dogs and headed this year to Maggie Valley North Carolina (an hour east of Pigeon Forge Tennessee (where we stayed the last two years) and took a vacation. Brett and I enjoy antique shops where you can pick up some great deals. There were no other rooms at the Inn so to speak in Pigeon Forge this year. There is also no Wi-Fi in the Great Smoky Mountains. We had a rolling brook beside our cabin which made it my happy place for a change. There was no damage to our home in Florida but we are contemplating moving to one of these places. I have been charged with getting our house in order which is a huge undertaking as we are both collectors. He of Dolls and Action Figures and Me of course Porn. As a result I will have to scale back my daily posts to 1 Magazine and 1 Movie. This is a plus for me in that uploading more does not lend to my enjoyment of their content. This will shift my focus to giving merit to each one daily. My journey has evolved into not just Gay Porn Magazines but now into watching Gay Movies. I pretty much never really watched them all the way through so this is new for me and I can finally appreciate them. On to today's content. BTW. I changed my profile picture to encompass sample Magazines and Movies I have read or watched. I also changed my avatar to an image of me and 2 of our 4 dogs. That is me a few years back with longer hair than I have now since it is just so darned hot!!!

Enjoy... Eric ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ˜

Mandate Magazine May 2008 Full Issue PDF Download / Screenshots / Description:

This issue contains 8 Model Pictorials, 5 Lifestyle Articles, and 2 Fiction Stories.

Cover / Centerfold: Mario Cazzo:

He is mostly smooth with nipple piercings and back tattoos.


Mandate Magazine May 2008 Full Issue Gallery:

Movie: A Few Good Men (1983):

I enjoyed the military theme of this movie and love a man with a mustache and in uniform. I could have done without the stage fog.

Lee Ryder in two really hot scenes, the first one, sorta solo, (a la the final scene in Kansas City Trucking with Richard Locke) with Lee on the bottom bunk, stroking his huge meat, as another large cock pops thrugh the mattress from above, and he strokes it off, as well. Later in the film, he gives his drill sargeant a few pointers, right? Michael Christopher is an M.P. who catches a fellow recruit on AWOL. But the best scene is the opening, a new recruit is getting his hair buzzed off, and gives the barber a blowjob (an uncredited Al Parker - no face shot, just his cock through some camouflage pants!) The background sound is a mix of Marines "sounding off" and the buzz of the clippers, as of course the trademark Scott dry ice effect.

Cast: Greg Johnson, Lee Ryder, Lee Stern,ย  Michael Christopher, Mike Meuller, Peter Barrie, Peter Wave, Al Parker, Brian Thompson, John Hogan, Keith James

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Great to hear from you Eric, AdonisMale just isn't the same without you and your amazing contributions!

Glad to hear your home is OK, I went through hurricane Andrew in Miami (originally from there) and it can be challenging to rebuild. One the west coast now, no hurricanes but earthquakes!

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Thanks @biguy7341ย  I guess there is no perfect place on earth otherwise everyone would live there. Thanks for the compliment.๐Ÿ™‚

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