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Contrasting Man and Manwife



These are some images that I found that I feel show the contrast between my concept of "man" and "manwife".

I love how they show the dynamic between the two of them in each pair of photos.

The manwife is to look beautiful and seductive, be nurturing, treat the man like a King, be totally sexually available and hungry for him, perhaps also keep the home beautiful, and of course love him. If there are kids, the manwife is to also focus on the kids.

The man is to protect, to provide, and to cherish the manwife. Make the manwife feel like a Queen, Prince, or Princess-whichever feels most right for them.

Would love to be  the manwife for the man who "gets" this.

Screenshot (443).png

Screenshot (444).png

Screenshot (445).png

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From the pics, I see most of the male wives are in garments designed for females.  They need to find items that have pouches and space for their cocks and balls.....female undies don't provide that kind of space.

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Good point, there is actually a company that makes fashions in this trend especially for men, X-Dress USA https://xdress.com/collections/mens-thongs but I haven't ordered yet from them. The only thing though about getting actual female undies is that it kind of highlights the femme aspect even more in a way, as they actually are female lingerie/undies/panties etc.




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Male bodies are better suited to lacey garments designed for their genitals.  Personally, I like twinks and other playmates to wear outer garments that are soft and not stiff (i.e. denim). When undies are worn, I like the Yu Yang variety that is extra soft, provides some support, but still enables the wearer to give a "free-balling" effect.  I get pleasure from "feeling-up" my boys when they are wearing clothes.  Not everything I enjoy is limited to my bedroom.  Because of precum issues, it is often necessary for twinks especially to wear some type of underwear to prevent precum wet spots in the crotch of their pants.  Leaking precum cam be an issue.  Since I enjoy swallowing precum and cum, I don't want to discourage the presence of either when I am hungry.

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