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Gay Erotic Media for Monday August 12 2019

Relive the Memories (or) Create New Memories of these Newsstand Publications and Movie Theater Showings.

| Erotic Magazines: Colt Men No36 | Colt Men No38 | Colt Men No41 | Colt Men No42 |
| Movie Magazine: Buckshot Lotus |
| XXX Movie: Centurians of Rome (1981)  |

  • My favorite Model is Wade Neff
  • My favorite Actor is George Payne



Buckshot Lotus 2009  📥

Movie Magazine: Benjamin Bradley & Brian Hansen


Colt Men No36  📥

Tony Ganz & Mark Sierra


Colt Men No38 📥

Wade Neff, Dave Angelo


Colt Men No41 📥

Carlo Masi


Colt Men No42  📥

Chris Wide



C Erotic Magazines Gallery

  Movie Magazines Gallery  Featuring Scenes from XXX Movies




Centurians of Rome (1981) - by Hand in Hand Films - A John Christopher Film

source: Gay Erotic Video Index

A (relatively) mega production, this story of Rome was allegedly filmed with stolen money.
Lots of good looking men, lots of dialog, lots of sex (and abuse), big and uncut dicks make this an extravaganza for it's time.
The film was financed by money stolen in a Brinks robbery. Brink's insurance agency (Lloyds of London) became part owner of the film as a result of court cases.
In a 1996 Manshots interview, Ed Wiley described the production as total confusion. With last minute script changes and accidents on set, he thought it would make a good blooper reel.


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