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Gay Erotic Media for Sunday August 11 2019

Relive the Memories (or) Create New Memories of these Newsstand Publications and Movie Theater Showings.

| Erotic Calendars: Butt Beautiful | Couples | Hairy Chested Men | Leather |
| Movie Magazine: Beg For It |
| XXX Movie: Malibu Days |

  • My favorite Model is Vince Ferelli
  • My favorite Actor is J.W.King



2009 Colt Butt Beautiful Calendar  📥

Mike Dasher


2009 Colt Couples Calendar  📥

Luke Garrett & Gage Weston


2009 Colt Hairy Chested Men Calendar 📥

Mitch Branson


2009 Colt Leather Calendar  📥

Bruce Abidor


Beg For It 2009 No8  📥

Movie Magazine: Ryan Raz, Vince Ferelli



Erotic Calendars Gallery

  Movie Magazines Gallery  Featuring Scenes from XXX Movies




Malibu Days (1982) - by Laguna Pacific - A William Higgins Film

source: Gay Erotic Video Index

The discovery of a stagflick in the closet of their rented ski cabin gets four college buddies so worked up they forget all about skiing.
Once they've watched the likes of J.W. King, Nick Rodgers, Giorgio Canali, Jamie Wingo and Mark Scott Solo doing everything in the book,
the four college pals turn their attentions towards each other and end up in four-way action that literally never stops.


  • Stiffie 2


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