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Me, writing, as if i was a master (no, i'm definitely a sub)



Good evening.
Or good morning, perhaps. I am assuming, for ease or laziness, that you are reading these lines in the evening. If you read me, after all, you know that what we are going to share is traditionally nocturnal.
I take the liberty of calling you by your first name. Everything brings us together, basically, the initiative of this literary meeting, the need to overcome solitude, appetites... The intimacy, soon.
I could tell you more about who I am, but why bother? I might as well let you imagine as you please. I am the waiter who takes care of the next table and that you regret not to see at yours. I am the letter carrier that you like to surprise during his rounds, that you particularly enjoy watching leave. I am this man that you discreetly spy from the corner of your eye in the public transport, this natural beauty, that you try to imagine moaning, that you like to guess the depth of the grunts, waiting for the charm to be broken when one of you will reach his station. I am that friend of a friend who troubles you a little more than the others, whom you like to see stretching when he wears a slightly short T-shirt.
I'm all those men and all the ones you ever wanted if it amuses you. I come from the next place and we may have met in the most random circumstances. I can be your neighbor, your colleague, a passerby, a new booty call on an app. Why not even a lover you miss if that's your fantasy.
You've been reading me for a few paragraphs. I wonder what voice you gave me. Deep and cavernous? More high-pitched and fluent? Sarcastic? Already sighing with anticipation?

Because we know what's going to happen: I'm going to fuck you.
I can already imagine your cock twitching with anticipation as you read that first promise. I'm going to fuck you.
Are you completely alone? Deep down, I don't care. It amuses me to imagine your cock swelling while other people are around. Will you jerk off while reading me? The experience is yours.
As far as I'm concerned, I'm standing next to you. I look at you and my eyes are burning. You know what you're in for and I don't need any convolutions: You want it. We don't have to embarrass ourselves with a feverish parade and look for the right moment to make the first move. We're not afraid to find out whether or not the desire is mutual.
It's now. And we're both dying for it. I approach you. The way I slide up to you leaves no doubt as to what that means. I put my arm around your neck and my other hand rests on your thigh. Slightly on the inside, very carelessly. We can pretend it landed there without me paying attention, but why bother?
I'm close enough to you that you can feel my breath on your mouth. It's warm. But for the moment, I don't go any further. I dive into your eyes, I devour them, all in my anticipation. You get a hard-on, but you hold back. You know I want to make this frustration last and you know the moment I finally touch you will be explosive.
I move a little closer. You part your lips without even thinking about it. I am amused, I giggle a little. You feel my breath stronger. I move away from your mouth for a moment to slide against your neck. My nose brushes against it and I sigh against your ear. A sigh burning, a sigh that you like to know for you and at this precise moment for you alone. I smell you. I want you.
I return to your mouth on which I finally put mine. I like it already. For a moment, I am satisfied with this soft contact, almost modest, I savor the novelty of it, before letting my tongue seek yours. The contact becomes harder, my hand sticks to your neck to reinforce our embrace. The other is in your back, it is passed under your T-shirt and goes through you, between caress and scratch, the one and the other already inseparable.
You guess that I will be a hot fuck. And you know it will be the case whether you like it or not. Unless you decide to stop me now.

But the electricity coursing through your body is already too intense. You refuse to consider ending it as your back digs in to encourage me to continue. Between two licks, I bite your lip. You are my thing and you will be until I decide we are done.
Impatient, I remove your T-shirt in one go and unbutton my shirt feverishly, without giving you the opportunity to undress me yourself. Underneath I wear nothing and you watch step by step the body you already imagine for several minutes. I finally take off my clothes and I lie down on you. My skin bubbles against yours. You pass your hands in my back, on my nape, my buttocks. Anything that will bring me closer to you. Your cock is throbbing in your pants as you feel my erection through my jeans. It's only a matter of minutes before the last bits of fabric that prevent them from sticking completely together are removed. But already you are anticipating this delicious contact.
You feel how hard it is.
I leave your mouth, to your great disappointment, but it is only to console you by passing my tongue along your neck. I bite you gently and lick you. My breathing is so fast and so close to your ear. You can feel my feverishness, hear my excitement, the difficulty I have not to turn you over and fuck you on the spot. My fingernails lacerate your skin.

I reach down a little further to tease your nipples with the tip of my tongue. You know the dance. You know I'm getting close to your sex. You already imagine the heat of my breath on it, the wetness of my mouth surrounding it. I know it well.
I unbutton your pants. Each new pressure that jumps is a liberation and soon, it is an underwear deformed to the extreme that I release. You are so hard. It excites me beyond words. I can't hold it anymore. I stand up. I order you to remove my jeans. Of course, you do it. Your imagination is running wild. What will be the shape of my cock? How big is it? Am I hairy? Do I have big balls?
My pants fall to the ground. You are close enough to me to smell my cock through my underwear. It's wet. You're trembling with excitement at the thought of taking them off and throwing yourself on my sex. But I don't give you time to follow through with that idea. I grab you by the hair to force you to look at me. You moan a little but you don't protest. I take hold of your mouth again and devour it. I stick my tongue into it with even more passion than before. I come back on you and position myself so that our lower bellies are as close as possible. Our erections are pressed against each other with even more force than before. They clash. Without getting up, I hastily remove my underwear. You do the same, as if you had been waiting for hours and you're the one who grabs my buttocks to put our rods back together. You feel it now, the softness of my cock, my balls. You already anticipate the brutality of my loins and it seems to you to get hard even more.
Against your mouth, I growl. After a moment, my hands approach our sex. I take off slightly from you so that I can skim around your navel. I don't want to offer you my caresses right away, I want to frustrate you a little first. It is with the end of my nails that I go up along the inside of your thighs. Your breathing stops. Every millimeter that brings my hand closer to your sex is both a torture and a blessing. Finally, I'm on your stinger. I move it up slowly, very slowly, until I reach your glans and wrap my fingers around it. A shiver runs through you. I jerk you off very slowly. Your hips move uncontrollably to accentuate my movements but I block them. After a few unbearably slow back and forths, I accelerate. And I kiss you again, more and more feverishly. I tell you that I love your cock. That I can't wait to fuck you. And I feel the effect these words have on you. I feel your whole body tense between impatience and refusal that I stop my caresses. You try to grab my cock but I stop you. I want you to focus on the pleasure I give you. And I want that first touch to consume you with desire.
I am less and less in control of myself. I jerk you off furiously and my breathing is meaningless. I leave your sex and grab your hair again to tilt your head back and take hold of your neck again. I lightly bite your earlobes. My movements are erratic, as if I don't know which part of your body I want the most. Then after a few more minutes of kissing, as endless as exquisite, you look at me, as if in slow motion, getting up.
I dominate you, you lying down and me standing above you. My sex is in the foreground and you know what I want. Yet hearing me tell you makes you shudder.
I want you to suck me.

Without waiting, you stand up and approach my erection. It is bandaged towards you. Again its smell intoxicates you. You grab it to guide it more easily to your mouth but you feel how much this simple contact stretches me. You wrap your tongue around my glans. You feel it beat and you hear me let out a breath that is close to a moan. When your mouth surrounds my cock, I moan uncontrollably. I put a hand on your head but I don't move you for the moment. I just want to feel you more, to have as much contact with you as possible. I hold back from sinking all the way into you. It's so hard...
Your movements speed up, you go further and further into my cock, until you press your nose against my lower belly. When you need to breathe, you take my sex out of your mouth and look at me. I don't leave your eyes as you jerk me off against the delicious roughness of your tongue, waiting to swallow me again.
You end up encouraging the pressure of my hand on your head. I welcome this and begin to decide on the movement and depth. At first I am gentle, testing your resistance. Then I push to the limits of your saturation. I take your mouth. I fuck your face. My teeth are clenched and I growl. Sensing you won't be able to take any more, I get down on my knees to be at the right level to kiss you. There's still the taste of my wetness on your tongue. It turns me on.
I put you back on the couch and without further ado, I push your member into my mouth. I don't answer to anything else, I take it all and suck you off. I've been wanting to for so long. Your cock is good. I take you up to your balls, which I irritate at times with a cheeky lick. I can hear you whimpering. We are both at saturation point. I swallow your balls. You feel my saliva sliding down your ass. Until finally, I slide my tongue to it.
I spread your buttocks as far apart as possible so I can push my tongue as far into you as possible. The sensation is electrifying. You jerk off while I eat you. I do the same. My whole mouth is covered with my saliva but I don't give a fuck. At this moment, all I can think about is your ass and how much my tongue seems to be made for it, to run as much as possible, from the edges to the inside. How much I can't wait to get my cock in there.
I finally reach into my pocket for some lube. I apply some to my fingers and insert one. I watch it slide easily into your hole for a few seconds before coming back to kiss you. A second finger joins the first very quickly and they dance inside you. Your legs tremble, against me, folded back to give me better access. Your eyes beg me to fuck you. A third finger. Your face is distorted by desire. You can't hold on anymore. Mine is only violent desire and brutality. I can't take it anymore. I take a condom that I put on at full speed, I put a squirt of gel on the tip and I position myself at the entrance of your ass.
Time stands still.

I push. Gently but the tension has not left my face. It's a matter of minutes. Seconds before I let go completely. And you know it. But you understand that I won't go any further until you're ready. You relax and I feel that it is possible for me to go further and further. Possible to go faster and faster. I can make you moan louder and louder. The frequency of your moans accelerates with my thrusting. Finally. I fuck you. I debone you. Completely erratically, I kiss you. I pull back to watch my cock go in and out of your ass. Fucking good. I sometimes ask you if you like it. At times you manage to answer. We face each other and I place my hands on your shoulders to push you down on my cock. My balls slam against your ass, my pelvis against yours, our moans are mixed with these couplings. I fuck you. I pin you down.
At times, I jerk you off. Or you do it. Or your rod beats against your belly and you focus on my sex that searches you.
I turn you over. Or rather, I pull out and you get down on all fours. I only take a few seconds to watch you hand me your ass before I take it again. I grab you by the hips and move faster and faster. I wrap one of your legs with mine to hold you against me. I spank you. I scratch your back. I pull your hair gently. You are my thing. And you give yourself up totally for me. You only think about what I give you and my moans make it clear what I get.
I end up putting you back on your back. I want to see you come. I hear how your breathing quickens. You are masturbating. I question you. Are you going to come? Is it going well? You nod feverishly. I accelerate. It feels so good to fuck you. I feel you coming. I'm coming too. Between grunts, I tell you I'm close. With a grunt, I jump in your ass. You are close. I do not stop my loins blows. I still fuck you so badly. You feel your whole body tense up. You're still jerking off. And finally you spill it all over your belly. Your chest is smeared. Even your chin is touched. Finally, I slow down. My breathing hasn't returned to normal. You're beautiful, covered in cum.
We lie together for a few moments. Maybe we talk. Maybe we just catch our breath. We don't need words to understand the foot we both got.
It was fucking good.
Maybe we'll fuck, again.




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