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First Time



Here, you can see the very first pic i was ask to make in order, to post it online.

It was very scarry, and the position, quite humiliating. I had to send it to to aguy with more than 30k follower on twitter.

He finally posted it. And that was both scary and exciting at the same time.
The photo has come a long way once posted, retweeted many times, (more 100 times if I remember correctly), and I received a lots of responses. Most of them were pretty cool but... not always. It was so exciting to read the comments about my puckered anus.
Now, I don't hesitate to show this picture to everyone, and I'm always happy to see the reactions.
Well, this was a small presentation of my beginnings as an exhibitionist. and I hope to write more new pages, including here.



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You are a beautiful man and I love your story too.  Thanks for sharing.  

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On 3/8/2021 at 11:36 PM, SinisterDouglas said:

You are a beautiful man and I love your story too.  Thanks for sharing.  

Thank you @SinisterDouglas glad you enjoy it. here is an entire album :

now i love to show my ass and face on the same pics.


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