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Relive the Memories (or) Create New Memories of these Newsstand Publications
and Movie Theater Showings.


Today's Titles:  3 For All, 100 Percent Pure Beef, Man Alive, Young Guys, Young Physique, and Xtra Large.

  • My favorite Actor is Daniel Holt
  • My favorite Model is Aiden Shaw

Updated August 10, 2019 - Added X-tra Large Movie Magazine (see link below)


Movie Magazines - Gallery Link  Featuring Scenes from XXX Movies:

3 For All Download Link - from Members Only by William Higgins

Jon King, Derrick Stanton, Greg Hanson

100 Percent Pure Beef Download Link - from Night Force by Catalina Video

Aiden Shaw, Danny Somers, B.J. Slater, Mike Steele

Physique Magazines - Gallery Link  Magazines featuring the Male Physique:

Man Alive -2 Download Link

Tibor Urgay

Young Guys -14-S Download Link

Keri & Walt, George Dundas

Young Physique V1-1 Download Link

Glenn Bishop

XXX Movie of the Day:


Xtra Large (1984) Movie Link - by Rollo Productions and Le Salon Video - A Sid Roth Film

Eric Ryan, Daniel Holt, and Cory Adams

When two hot and hung veteran male stars Daniel Holt (Bob) and Cory Adams (John) join forces to put together an action film of their own ...
getting the help and equipment they need turns out to be more fun than either expected!

X-tra Large Movie Magazine Download Link - from this movie. (Updated August 10, 2019)

Taking It All Movie Magazine Download Link - from this movie.


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