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Male Masturbation 💦



I guess this will be part of my poll reply from when I asked about what kind of content you all would like to see on my blog. 😊 


My thoughts on Male Masturbation 💦


Simply beautiful!
(Thanks to @mrfafa for the visual. Taken from his post here: https://www.adonismale.com/forums/topic/28-a-day-at-the-beach/page/36/?tab=comments#comment-346946)

Below quote taken from my profile under the "About Me" tab


Cum (Semen) - I really enjoy the taste of cum! Don’t think there has been one time that I haven’t swallowed cum, I love to swallow! Just only if there was a way to bottle cum, Id drink it everyday! Just love it when a man cums. I also enjoy watching men unload & shoot a huge load of it out of their big dicks!

Male Masturbation - I enjoy watching men wrap their hand around their penis & begin to stroke it, seeing their hand go up & down on it! I’ve never seen or understood why male masturbating is sometimes looked as offensive. I think it's beautiful. It's only natural for men to masturbate! I encourage men to jack off! Hell, if I had a penis for a day, I’d be playing with it! 😊

Matter of fact, over the years since around high school (especially during college), I've been really curious how many men that I've met or have come across in passing that have seen me in some of my modeling have jerked off to me. I mean with all of the times from going to college parties to club hopping to my many trips (ie: Hedo). I knew some in high school, even more-so in college, & some now. I know that some men want to fuck me cause I am a hot fuckin woman with an attractive fit & toned, tanned body! 😉

During my college years, I would hear from some of my friends that they've overheard that some have jerked off to me multiple times. Of course I definitely knew men were jerking off to me after making my appearance on stage at a local Atlanta gentlemen's club. Yeah, I will admit I used to prance around on stage at a club, which is a another blog post for a later time! 😂

I will admit that the thought of & male masturbation itself does turn me on! Especially when other men at either Hedo or Orient Beach have seen me naked! 🚫👙


Most of you already know that my younger brother (above pic) has jerked off to me from when I got fucked by them 3 beautiful black dicks* (which I will admit was a real turn on) & even my older brother has. In the past I've caught both of them multiple times jerking off! They've even told me that some of their friends have jerked off to me! Hell, it still happens on occasion now as I know some of my man's colleagues have jerked off to me & at times has gone as far as some of them have fucked me. My man & I have talked about it & I really enjoy it when he does!

*(reference: https://www.adonismale.com/blogs/entry/16-💦brother-jerking-off-cumming-on-me-💦/

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I do like the way you think and talk.  Keep these posts coming.  (Or, I guess, cumming.)

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Posted (edited)

Your younger  brother is as hot as hell! Would love seeing more of him!! 😁

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I masturbate a lot while looking at Adonismale. I usually cum while looking at men, but I have masturbated to your pics!


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