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Big Gay Talk: It isn't an open relationship



User Frosty_bowl_1777 posted:

I hate when my friend is the asshole in his relationship.... because he is going to break up with his husband and I can't say "I never liked him, he was an asshole.".... think of your friends every time you are a jerk to your boyfriend. How can we properly comfort you after you fuck it up, when you were the prick not him.

Here is the situation. My friend is a chronic cheater. He has cheated on every man he has been with so much we told him decades ago he should just be honest and tell his man that he can't be monogamous and only do open relationships.

He has been with his current partner for six years, they are in an "open" relationship that is completely one sided. In other words my friend is a slut and his husband isn't. What recently happened is the super picky husband finally had anonymous sex with a guy that is not my friend and my friend is going psycho. His partner followed all of their required guidelines he was communicative and told my friend everything and it was the required one time only as per their agreement (They can't have sex with a guy more than once... no repeat visits or emotional connections. Just sex.)... my friend doesn't even follow those rules. I really wish my friend was the one in love with the dick... but no... my friend is the dick. My friends husband is a great guy, everybody likes him. If he could get sarcasm and if he had a sense of humor...I would totally dump my friend for him.

One sided open relationships never work... it is not open if he can't have sex outside of the relationship too. You can't do a one sided open or poly relationship... Gays don't do sister husbands... we don't... Gay harems are what anyone else would call an orgy. If you enter into those types of relationships you can NOT demand your partner be monogamous. You threw out the monogamy card and it goes both ways.... he can have sex outside of your relationship also.

Just getting this out of my system before their relationship dies. I should order wireless earbuds... because I don't want to hear it. He fucked up and this time I have to tell him he fucked up.


What would you do if you were the friend?  

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Frosty_bowl_1777, it sounds like you`re being stressed too much by what's going on. i`d suggest finding new friends and leaving those who are driving you crazy to their own vices!! it`s being too hard on you to put up with your friends bad habits and it isn`t good for you!! i say move on and find new friends. i say this as i was that friend at one time, and instead of letting it tear me up, i moved on. with love from Wes!! Hugs!!! 

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