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Thursday - 7th



the day we reach military models is always a Silver Star day for me. I have to admit a weakness for sailors; never mind: I am especially appealing for help on one model. notice the last two under Military - General. this gentleman was in a disgusting flick wherein he was busily molesting the base commander's young son. I dismissed the twink out-of-hand, however was extremely interested in the well built blonde NCO. if my comments stir anything in your memory, please share it - any assistance will be gratefully appreciated. all that being said, I am sorry to say you are receiving short rations; it appears that there will be a bonus tomorrow, and I will have completed my posts for another season. a warm welcome to new clubmembers!






Mili Army 01.jpg

Mili Army 03.jpg

Mili Army 05.jpg

Mili Army 07.jpg

Mili Genl 01.jpg

Mili Genl 03.jpg

Mili Genl 98.jpg

Mili Genl 99.jpg

Mili Kilt 01.jpg

Mili Kilt 03.jpg

Mili Kilt 05.jpg

Mili Kilt 07.jpg

Mili Navy 01.jpg

Mili Navy 03.jpg

Mili Navy 05.jpg

Mili Navy 07.jpg

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The "Kilty Pleasures" calendar cover made me giggle 

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