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Wednesday - 6th



the day we have lunch out - my hag showed up in a boot; had tripped over her cat. privately, I thought if that happened to me, it would result in the first cat on the moon. poor kid. back here at the ranch, I have been looking at boys to invite to a pool party, and I hope you like my choices. @JackFTwist has been more than a blessing in helping me identify these orphans, and I thank him and all who have ID'd models. I still have a ways to go. welcome to new clubmembers, and note that we soon will be going back to named models. Happy Epiphany!







Leathers 01.jpg

Leathers 03.jpg

Leathers 05.jpg

Leathers 07.jpg

Levi 03.jpg

Levi 05.jpg

Levi 07.jpg

Levi 09.jpg

Mer B&W 01.jpg

Mer B&W 03.jpg

Mer B&W 05.jpg

Mer B&W 07.jpg

Mer Beef 03.jpg

Mer Beef 05.jpg

Mer Beef 07.jpg

Mer Beef 09.jpg

Mer Buff 01.jpg

Mer Buff 03.jpg

Mer Buff 05.jpg

Mer Buff 07.jpg

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12 hours ago, DaveLA said:

Live47 is Sean Susini Levi 47

thanks for the cute guy. having a problem with your comment - are you trying to say Levi 07? need help here.

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2 minutes ago, ColtMann said:

thanks for the cute guy. having a problem with your comment - are you trying to say Levi 07? need help here.

never mind - I fingered it out 🤗

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