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Big Gay Talk: For Gay men who had relationships with women, how do you feel about it now?



User esuom_y_nona wants to ask:

Back in high school, when I was masturbating to gay porn all the time, I somehow still saw myself as straight. (How? It was the 1990's.) Developed a crush on a girl, dated another girl for a few months, enjoyed kissing her, then she dumped me to get back with her ex, and I was heartbroken. Then in college I met another woman, who I repeatedly dated and broke up with over a period of years as I went through a very prolonged process of coming out to myself.

The college girlfriend is happily married to another man. She and I are on good terms. I even went to her wedding, and every year she sends me a Christmas card with pictures of her husband and kids.

The relationship itself was not really that bad. I mostly feel regret at the time wasted by repressing my feelings and not being out to myself.

What about you guys?

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to get my mom off my back, i went to the movies with a girl, but i wouldn't call it a date. i didn`t hold her hand nor did i kiss her. it happened twice with 2 different girls. i never knew these girls, and i`m not even sure how the dates were set up as i never asked them. i`m assume they were friends of my sister. i was only looking forward to seeing the movies, the girl was the only reason i was able to go. going to the movies at that time wasn't an option as i never had a job nor did i have the money, my mom paid for the dates. 

it did get my mom off my back in regards to having a girlfriend though!!

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