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Monday - 4th



one of my saved graphix shows a pig in muck, who comments to an associate, I wish the whole world was Jewish. similarly, I wish the whole world was populated with handsome, willing males, so if I got bored, I could go next door and ask to borrow a cup of hotsex. the boys I have posted today have so much to recommend them; I only wish I had their names, and possibly their numbers 😁 barring that, I will wish our newest clubmembers a warm welcome! I notice we are creeping very slowly toward 5500 members 😛 also, I must remember to thank all who have awarded me Likes & Stiffies, and give a thank you to @anubis who has helped with some of these Unidentified Frigging Objects!







Work ID 01.jpg

Work ID 03.jpg

Work ID 05.jpg

Work ID 07.jpg

Work OD 01.jpg

Work OD 03.jpg

Work OD 05.jpg

Work OD 07.jpg

Dads B&W 01.jpg

Dads B&W 03.jpg

Dads B&W 05.jpg

Dads B&W 07.jpg

Dads Beef Tops 01.jpg

Dads Beef Tops 03.jpg

Dads Beef Tops 05.jpg

Dads Beef Tops 07.jpg

Dads Beef xTop 01.jpg

Dads Beef xTop 03.jpg

Dads Beef xTop 05.jpg

Dads Beef xTop 07.jpg

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