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Sunday - 3rd



what a day! it's getting colder by the minute, and I am exploring options to go to a warmer climate. I am not in the mood for cold. moodily, I run through the rest of the cowboys, and have a couple of ensembles that I posted outside of the club, to see what they might bring in! BTW welcome to our newest clubmembers; to let you know I am posting albums of models like a horse with no name (I always thought that was a stupid song) however, like orphans, these models names are unknown to me, and very difficult to research further, which would lead to your enjoyment and mine 🤗 many thanx to @JackFTwist who has been beavering away, helping to identify my unknown soldiers. any assistance is gratefully appreciated.








Cow Brn 01.jpg

Cow Brn 03.jpg

Cow Brn 05.jpg

Cow Brn 07.jpg

Cow Noh 01.png

Cow Noh 03.jpg

Cow Noh 05.jpg

Cow Noh 07.jpg

Cow Straw 01.jpg

Cow Straw 03.jpg

Cow Straw 05.jpg

Cow Straw 07.jpg

Cow Wht 01.jpg

Cow Wht 03.jpg

Cow Wht 05.jpg

Cow Wht 07.jpg

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