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busy blip



so character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47been quasi-absent as of late

it is because character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47been preoccupied with

invalid parental unit


imbecile incompetent at quasi-place-of-quasi employment

(character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 puts it that way as they have the audacity to pay character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 a wild $100 a month for all character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 does for them

and character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 was told that - on the open market - what character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47used to do

years ago for them

when it was considerably less

would pay approximately $40,000)


invalid parental unit's creeping dementia creeps in and out

and sometimes it becomes difficult to figure out if it is an actual lucid moment because of the other bullshit that gets hurled about

character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47is the late LATE night caretaker - until 2:00 AM

just in case anything is called for


that results in character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 sleeping until approximately 10:00 AM

but, then again - it is never known if character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47's assistance will be needed before noon

so character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47's sleeping patterns are - at best - catch as catch can


friday character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 FINALLY went to character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47's diabetes doctor

character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 was supposed to go in august

but character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 hesitated to make the appointment for the same reason character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 has not yet gotten character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47's hairs cut

(character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 debating on whether to trust sibling to trim character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47's hairs or just shave character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47's head.

if sibling does as frightening a job as character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 fears - then the only remedy wold be to just shave character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47's head

and we are approaching that)


when character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 FINALLY went to the doctor

one could not get in without having one's temperature taken

and there were marks in the elevator where to stand

but character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 was only one in elevator so character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 stood where character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 wanted to

'cause that's the way character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 roils, bitch!


the checkup went well and quickly

because they are making certain that the appointments are spread out so that there is nobody in the waiting room

and the waiting room rearranged so that one could not sit near another person


character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 does not care to have to be so paranoid about going out

but character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 gots diabetes, hypo thyroid, not the healthiest lungs and a minor blood pressure issue


as a result

character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 is almost a hermit


character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 was never a social butterfly - being the quiet, shy and reserved type


but this is getting to become rediculous


we will know soon enough the moment character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 has to shave head

or wear a hat

even in the house


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