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clocks set back



daylight savings ending tonite means character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47finally has a

more or less

free evening


so....what is new?

invalid parental unit's dementia is getting somewhat more pronounced

character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 is getting a bit tired of being asked "do we have any cabbage soup?"


character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 finally shrieked WE HAVE NEVER HAD ANY CABBAGE SOUP!

to which character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47's invalid parental unit replies "character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47's gramma used to make cabbage soup"

well....that might be so

but - as character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 - retorted - NOT IN THIS HOUSE!


the last time character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 had a haircut was pre-COVID

and character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 really looks like it

character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 is going to ask sibling to use hair trimmer to trim character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47's hair

THAT is how desperate character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 has gotten

if it goes as character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 suspects

character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 will just shave character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47's head

baldness runs in the family so character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 will get an idea of what the future has in store for character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47

(character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47suspects it will not be a pretty sight. some folks just do not look good bald.

character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47will finally be able to wear a hat and not have to worry about hat hair)


character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 STILL hounded by the incompetent

character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 should finish with making the menu to the new site the way it should be

but every time character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47looks at the incoherent organization of the incompetent character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 becomes enraged

and it has taken weeks for character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 to calm down


last ZOOM meeting the incompetent said "here is my rationalization..."

character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 quickly chimed in - A RATIONALIZATION IS A LIE LOOKING FOR JUSTIFICATION

so others asked character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 "could character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 do better?"

character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 pointed out - based on the site they have now - character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 already has


so now others are waiting on a coherent menu


but other items are taking precedent

so the site continues to be delayed


character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 ain't the project manager



the incompetent is


and character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 should shut up now because just thinking about that imbecil makes character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 enraged

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