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When I was 13 I barely had any peach fuzz down there... I was so horny all the time... All I wanted to do was cum... when my grandfather was gone one day... I went out to the barn... there's a pony that was out there and every time I walked by his ... I could see his dick hanging down ...I started jacking off and went closer and I started grabbing it ... and I'm playing with it and I could be the size of it... the head was huge and couldn't fit in my mouth... I started sucking it all the time and jerking off... years later I went to prison ...I was 19 ..secretly I still crave  big horse dicks...and  the blond hair blue eyes 145lb smooth boy loves worship my cellmate cocks...no one knows it...everyone thinks I'm straight....but I love cock so much.      -Leo 

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We all get started on our path differently. I am in the process of writing down the story of one of my long term men, Luis, and how he got started as a straight guy using fags for sex.  Similar situation. He was fascinated looking at dicks but not from the perspective  of a bottom. He was then locked up for a week when he was 21 in a small rural jail. He and a couple of buddies got arrested for a gang fight and he was held a bit longer than the rest. Also held there was a 19 year old white boy. Luis' friends hassled and bullied the white boy all weekend but Luis stuck up for him and defended him. When they were finally alone in the cell the white kid approached Luis and offered him money, legal help, anything as long as Luis would protect him from the other prisoners. Luis declined the money and knew he was soon to be released without charges but the boy persisted finally offering Luis oral sex. That night by boy blew Luis twice, swallowing his load and working his cock like Luis had never experienced. From that point forward Luuis knew where he could get quick relief with no baggage and no hassles. And that is how I met him years later.

OG and white fag.jpg

White suck Machos.jpg

Chupa Mi Pato.jpg

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