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Full Issues / Gay Pictorials for Wednesday July 17, 2019



Relive the Memories (or) Create New Memories of these | 1978 | 1979 | Newsstand Magazines
and Photography / Erotic Art Excerpts:
| Body | Ciao | Honcho | Mandingo | Playgirl | Stars | Torso | Zipper |

Mandingo is my Favorite Cover !
Ciao is my Favorite Contents Page !
 Playgirl is my Favorite Feature !
Honcho is my Favorite Centerfold !

As always your Requests, Comments, Questions are surely welcome !


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Gay Pictorials Gallery Links

| Body |

Body Vol7 No5 1978-12_1979-01 (Cover by Mike Arlen / Centerfold - The Body of the Month: Dynamite by Third World Studio)

Body Magazine - Gallery  The Fabulous Male Pictorial


| Ciao |

Ciao Vol6 No5 1978-12_1979-01 (Cover by Mike Arlen / Contents Page & Feature: Look at my Birdie by Mike Arlen)

Ciao Magazine - Gallery  The World of Gay Travel


| Honcho |

Honcho Vol1 No9 1979-01 (Cover & Centerfold - Dan by Zeus)

Honcho Magazine - Gallery  The Magazine for the Macho Male


| Mandingo |

Mandingo No5 1979 (Cover & Feature - Macho Poet: Rufus by Sierra Domino)

Mandingo Magazine - Gallery  From Sierra Domino


| Playgirl |

Playgirl Calendar 1979 (Cover & Issue: 12 of the Best from Playgirl / My 2 Favorites)
Playgirl Presents Men of the World 1979 (Incomplete Issue: 145 Men in Full Color / Feature: The Guys Next Door)
The Best Of Playgirl 1979-01 (Incomplete Issue: The Year's Best Men, Fantasies, Features, and Fiction / Feature: The Guy Next Door)

Playgirl Magazine - Gallery  Entertainment for Women


| Stars |

Stars Vol1 No2 1979 (Cover & Centerfold - Maneuvers: Michael by K. Roda)

Stars Magazine - Gallery  World's Largest Male Swinger's Magazine


| Torso |

Torso No1 1979 (Issue: Collectors Edition of 20 Different Men Presented by Mustang Studios)

Torso Magazine - Gallery  Man to Man Contact


| Zipper |

Zipper No18 1979 (Cover - Fancy a Bouncer?: Andy Roberts by Alex McKenna / Centerfold - Dangerous Dennis: Dennis Mann  by Alex McKenna)

Zipper Magazine - Gallery  Alex McKenna's No. 1 Gay Magazine

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Today's Featured Gallery Album is Manshots Magazine !













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Actually Torso Magazine as we all know it premiered in July 1982. I believe this issue is unrelated but I do not know for sure because nothing is identified other than that it is by Mustang Studios and most probably is related to movies of the time. A gem anyway.

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Thanks Eric for the additional information on the Torso Magazine. I did think about this later if it was not the same as the mag, when I read all the photos are from Mustang Studio.

May I ask, do you have any information, magazines on either Minotaur press or Young American Numbers? These advertisement are listed in the Numbers 1978. 🙂

large.1380724734_Numbers1978-10_Page_77.jpg.28afc33aff372c048cf68871eccef5b5(2).thumb.jpg.8ca8c137a92ed36fce75865a556015a1.jpg large.512276764_Numbers1978-Fall_Page_48.jpg.eb69884402d916ec6b00b702b71c07b4.thumb.jpg.3dcc3db8745aae157cf11b69880dd99e.jpg  large.2111613038_Numbers1978-Fall_Page_29.jpg.a4677f39492fb5e99ac4053c17ed40fa.thumb.jpg.c6af5624263638eded45e9ded40e7d14.jpg



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On 7/19/2019 at 8:02 PM, biguy7341 said:

Thanks Eric for the additional information on the Torso Magazine. I did think about this later if it was not the same as the mag, when I read all the photos are from Mustang Studio.

May I ask, do you have any information, magazines on either Minotaur press or Young American Numbers? These advertisement are listed in the Numbers 1978. 🙂

large.1380724734_Numbers1978-10_Page_77.jpg.28afc33aff372c048cf68871eccef5b5(2).thumb.jpg.8ca8c137a92ed36fce75865a556015a1.jpg imageproxy.php?img=&key=c83996ef2406792dlarge.512276764_Numbers1978-Fall_Page_48.jpg.eb69884402d916ec6b00b702b71c07b4.thumb.jpg.3dcc3db8745aae157cf11b69880dd99e.jpg  large.2111613038_Numbers1978-Fall_Page_29.jpg.a4677f39492fb5e99ac4053c17ed40fa.thumb.jpg.c6af5624263638eded45e9ded40e7d14.jpg 170.94 kB · 0 downloads



@biguy7341  Sorry but this is all I have or know about them.

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