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Samudrika Shastra...The Ancient Art of Feet & Body Reading



Veins_capture4.gif.ae3544af7de0a53e3e32197b67f99a72.gifSamudrika Shastra Symbol Chart

  1. Samudrika Shastra (Hindi:सामुद्रिक शास्त्र), part of the Vedic tradition, is the study of face reading, aura reading, and whole body analysis. Samudrika Shastra is a Sanskrit term that translates roughly as "knowledge of body features." Often used in Vedic astrology, as it is related to astrology and palmistry (Hast-samudrika), as well as phrenology (kapal-samudrik) and face reading (physiognomy, mukh-samudrik)

    It is also one of the themes incorporated into the ancient Hindu text, the Garuda Purana.
    This tradition assumes that every natural or acquired bodily mark encodes its owner's psychology and destiny. Elevation, depression, elongation, diminution, and other marks become relevant. There are five main types of human elements in terms of the Samudrika: Agni, Vayu, Jal, Akash and Prithvi. T

  2. Samudrika Shastra In the Vedic tradition, hand analysis falls in the category of Samudrika Shastra, a Sanskrit term that translates roughly as "knowledge of [body] features." This tradition assumes that every natural or acquired bodily mark encodes its owner's psychology and destiny Symbols of Samudrika Shastra. And I really saw this tree symbol in this video..... And in Samudrika Tree symbol means growth, grower, cosmic tree, world tree, eternal learner, and teacher. In the area of the forehead is the The Third Eye Chakra in the Hindu religion. The Third Eye is one of the most important energy zone in the body. Samudrika Shastra is a Sanskrit term that roughly translates as “knowledge of body features.” This tradition assumes that every natural or acquired bodily mark encodes its owner’s psychology and destiny. Elevation, depression, elongation, diminution, and other marks become relevant. Mind is the subtle body and body is gross mind.https://www.speakingtree.in/allslides/samudrika... Samudrika Shastra, is a part of vedic practice, which involves analyzing one’s face, body, and aura, in order to make sense of their being. And, this is not just a practice in Hinduism. Did you... Samudrika Shashtra. Samudrik Shastra is a branch of Indian astrology, a Vedic tradition dedicated to study the face, aura and whole body analysis of humans. Samudrik Shastra is an ancient scripture established by Sage Samudra. The prophecies resulting using the techniques outlined by Samudrik Shastra are known to be extremely accurate and precise. The use of this ancient knowledge was widely used in Dev Kaal, during the ancient times, and is still practiced by a few learned even today.

  3. So, in this section or blog i will be using various symbols from the Samudrika symbols to interpret and describe a person's character/personality and destiny. Above are various definition of Samudrika which I researched and got from several websites. The symbols I acquired from my mentors and research that I accumulated over 40 years. The symbols in the chart below are found on the veins structure of a person's head or Forehead, neck, chest, hands, stomach, legs, and feet.




    X,x= Wisdom. Gifted with intuitive knowledge. Sage

    H= Duality. Bridge. In-between. Negotiation. Mediator. Priest.

    h=Charisma. Power. Dynamic. Energy. Authority

    Y= Humane. Humanity. Compassion. Humanitarian

     l=Independence. Ego. Selfish. Identity. Oneness

    V=Opening. Vessel. Romance. Compassion

     ll=Parallel. Two worlds. Duality. Double.

    W=Water. Emotion. Neptune's Scepter. Fluent. Flexibility.

    A = Bull of Heaven. Protector. Warrior. Strength.

    H=Knowledge. Scribe. Scholar. Knower. Information. Hierophant

    Z= Modulation. Even. Balance.

     β = Mother. Nurture. Nurturer. Caretaker. Protectress.

     U=Enlightenment. Revolutionary. Innovation. Inventive. Change. Avatar.

    l=Independence. Ego. Selfish. Identity. Oneness





    Some of these Samudrika symbols are located on this Muscle god's body. See if you can recognize them and find the chart above which will tell you about this god's personality.























This is my online foot buddy Artura. He gave me permission to give him a foot Analysis according to Samudrika Shastra. On his left foot a "F" which means Wealth…..Success….Money….Abundance in material values….Business. The "F" is on his right foot also which means he has abundance in spritual values like Love, joy, Peace, etc. Which is the same as the Virgo young person above.


Here is the "F" symbol close-up. As mentioned before it means immaterial wealth which is about spiritual matters such as Love, Joy, Peace, Truth, Wisdom, etc. He has an abundance of this kind of energy.


He has small veins or capillaries appearing on the base of his big toes moving up to the middle part of his big toes. The Big toe on the reflexology chart has nerves connected to the head or brain of the person. So these veins going to the Big toes is also stating energy of great amounts in his head and neck area.



N symbol is on the right top of his foot which means in Samudrika as Moderation, common sense, balance. "O" with the "V" sticking at the top of the "O"  is forming a horned creature like a Bull….Ram… or Goat….Arturo is an Aries which is The Ram.





X,x= Wisdom. Gifted with intuitive knowledge. Sage


H= Duality. Bridge. In-between. Negotiation. Mediator. Priest.


 h=Charisma. Power. Dynamic. Energy. Authority


 Y= Humane. Humanity. Compassion. Humanitarian.


  l=Independence. Ego. Selfish. Identity. Oneness

 V=Opening. Vessel. Romance. Compassion.


  ll=Parallel. Two worlds. Duality. Double.


  Y,W=Water. Emotion. Neptune's Scepter. Fluent. Flexibility.


  A = Bull of Heaven. Protector. Warrior. Strength.


  H=Knowledge. Scribe. Scholar. Knower. Information. Hierophant


    Z= Modulation. Even. Balance.


   β = Mother. Nurture. Nurturer. Caretaker. Protectress.


    U=Enlightenment. Revolutionary. Innovation. Inventive. Change. Avatar


If you guys have pics of the veins on your tops and sides.....and you want to know what those arrangement of veins are telling you about yourself......just drop a pic or two in the comments and I will start analyzing the veins on your feet according to the Samudrika Chart. But for right now......i am going to display how this thing works on others And yes, I have been reading other people's veins for over 43 years. So. Let's get started.

Vitula's Perfect Veiny Feet. Easy Samudrika reading because his veins are so visible.



The H=Knowledge. Scribe. Scholar. Knower. Information. Hierophant   which means this guy has these traits that could lead to a profession occupation. The "H" also is a sign of duality of two worlds connected by a bridge………..



From the ground of the Earth through the tiny veins on his sides. The "Y," "y,"w" and "l" are symbols relating to specific kind of energy that are being drawn. "Y" means humane and compassion. "l" means self-interest which means he is giving for himself selfishly or taking selfishly. "V" is the portal that all these specific energies travel through his roots and bodily system to his mind.


Another "V" acts as a portal to transfer the energy from the environment that surround him to his mind, creating a "Δ" which means……… Fire. Triune Deity. Divinity. One who divines or Ascend. This is why I think that he is a fire sign like Aries, Sagittarius, or Leo.


And the many tiny veins on his sides are like receptors absorbing the energy from the Earth and environment he is in and transfer it to his being.


Remember when there are veins running down the sides of the foot these speak about the grounding

Process of rootedness to the gravitational pull of the Earth. Here we see that he has large veins connect-

Ing him to the earth. What characteristics that is making him grounded to the earth? I will tell you what

Characteristics are that connects him to the gravitational pull of the earth. They are: Y, I, π, and µ.

Y means Humanity. Humane. Compassion. I means Ego. Individualism. Independence. Single. Dogma. π means modulation. Balance. moderation. µ means Neptune's Fork. Water. Emotions. These are the traits that ground him the earth. In his psyche he is center in the love and compassion of human beings(Family, friends, lovers, etc.) while maintaining his uniqueness in being who he is and how he expresses himself in action.  Very very strong Astrological sign that points Leo. Aries. Libra. Capricorn.


"A" in Samudrika is the sign of the Bull or Warrior, that which protects that which is sacred. He is definitely "The Warrior," In his foundation, he has a need to protect something or someone. It explains why he is military. But there is also, "X" in his foundation. The "x" in Samudrika means "Sage," "Wisdom," or a "keeper of wisdom," like a Hierophant. This means he is a warrior hierophant, A Warrior of Wisdom.

Correction for flat feet......call the doctor above......as a shaman I have done this work for over 35 years which is quite similar to what you are about to view. Take a look.


Skater Polish Teens' Feet for feet Analysis in Samudika bares lots of upside down "v's" on his sides. Could be it is an indication of his spiritual energy is rooted in the sign "Virgo," or "v's means he is absorbing Earth energy like gravity to refuel his soul or Root Chakra. 





l=Independence. Ego. Selfish. Identity. Oneness.


I just remember something. This "l" vertical line that means Independence. Ego. Selfishness. is being expanded or is being connected to the frontal "l" that extends vertically along the Adam's Apple by a wriggle vein that looks like this: ~ Now frontal vein is not just a line it also is a strong Y symbol which means Humanity. Humanitarian. Romance. Compassion. He uses his throat and speech and words to communicate........compassion.....;love......romance.....sensuality....etc. It explains why he and others like him feed on the attention of others, men especially, feeling attracted to the veins in their necks or being attracted to their necks. One of the power centers of a human being is "The neck or throat." It is the power of communication and people like myself are attracted to that power. It utters the power of sounds and words and language, so when veins are popping out in that area...also the power of that person is popping too. 

l=Independence. Ego. Selfish. Identity. Oneness.


~ line that resembles a wave or electricity is connected to the Y vein near the Adam's Apple. Let us look at the front veins to see what they convey on what is being communicated.

l=Independence. Ego. Selfish. Identity. Oneness. Bu t on the right side we see two = 

The  upper line goes up and creates a "L" ...... the lower line goes down.......which means this person communication operates on two different levels....Upper level is things unseen or immaterial ....like principles while the lower line operates on gut feelings and desires and physical actions.    

The Cosmic Tree>>> And in Samudrika Tree symbol means growth, grower, cosmic tree, world tree, eternal learner, and teacher.



roots.thumb.jpg.f0ce8dd10cfc9bd563aa7db9e7b23a5a.jpg quite common among humans.


Here is an example of the tree symbol and "l" symbol on the neck which is and here below.

This is a very strong line "l" which indicates how important his identity of self is to him. This is a guy who's communication is constantly growing and expanding like the roots and branches of a tree.




l=Independence. Ego. Selfish. Identity. Oneness.....











The Samudrika H, X makes this Samudrika symbolism of "H"which =Knowledge. Scribe. Scholar. Knower. Information. Hierophant. What is a Hierophant?





Wayne's veiny feet









And here is a look at the "V" being formed on the neck by veins. In Samudrika this means>>>>V=Opening. Vessel. Romance. Compassion.....These attributes are used in his voice and sounds from his throat Chakra.































































This guy is a Virgo and has a Huge "F" in vein structure on the top of both feet, not usual for a Virgo, Taurus or Capricorn because in Samudrika Shastra "F" means Fortune or Abundance. It means money, success, and business…..and Virgos strive for success and money. Capricorns is all about success, business, and money. Taurus is about money and business leading to being success. It's all about material things and the "tangible." And this guy is no exception. To him Success, money, and business gives him security. And guess what….these guys are good at it.


And you can see clearly some of these Samudrika symbols here in the video below.....Take a look.












And these veins on the man's feet below displays the classic Samudrika symbol of the World Tree and The Cosmic Tree......


t T= growth…..learning....knowledge.....student....teacher.....mentor......The Cosmic Tree symbolizes the Multi-dimensional Unseen Worlds of Cosmic Principles such as Light...Justice...Love....Peace....Wisdom.......Power.....Faith......Truth........Joy.....etc. And if the symbol is on the right side on the hands or feet.....it indicates a connection to those worlds. And this person has a strong connection to those worlds. The World Tree symbolizes the world systems we are living with or created in this world like Politics.....Weather......Cultures....Religions.......Finances.......Governments......Control......Power.......material wealth....material poverty.......Families......Sex.......Romance......Marriage......etc. And if this symbol is on the left side of the hands or feet, it indicates that the person is connected to the systems of this world as previously stated. And this person has a strong connection to the systems in this world.








One of my main foot gods Leon wants you to see his feet. Take a look.






The H=Knowledge. Scribe. Scholar. Knower. Information. Hierophant   which means this guy has these traits that could lead to a profession occupation. The "H" also is a sign of duality of two worlds connected by a bridge

The H=Knowledge. Scribe. Scholar. Knower. Information. Hierophant   which means this guy has these traits that could lead

The H=Knowledge. Scribe. Scholar. Knower. Information. Hierophant   which means this guy has these traits that could lead to a profession occupation. The "H" also is a sign of duality of two worlds connected by a bridge……….to a profession occupation. The "H" also is a sign of duality of two worlds connected by a bridge

U=Enlightenment. Revolutionary. Innovation. Inventive. Change. Avatar.


These beautiful veins form a huge "Y" and "I" which means in Samudrika Shastra that he uses the power of sound and words of his throat for>>>Independence. Ego. Selfish. Identity. Oneness...Humane. Humanity. Compassion.......Check it out....


And here is the same guy showing a strong "I" vein in the center of his neck which indicates that he has a strong sense of Identity and and strong ego and uses his words and sounds of his voice to speak that identity into existence. He really gets off by offering his veins to others which is egotistic.



I love Asian men's feet. Just texture of their skin and veins makes me hard........Take a look.




This video I made especially for you Darlings out there that will crave and eat 

These feet up......check it out!!!!!













Quasai File




Qusai Feet File


I just recently made friends with Qusai Parez online on Facebook. I think he is in the medical 

profession. He lives in Cape Town, South Africa. Yeah…...can you believe it! A real African, but 

he  looks Italian or Spanish and he sound British. Lol….hahahahaha, He is into male feet like me and he has great looking thick feet. He reminds me of Ralph. They could be brothers. The splitting image of Ralph. Even sounds like Ralph,  Ralph was a Libra. Qusai is an Aries like me. Hmmmmmm. i wonder why the Cosmos would have me meet an Aries like him who looks and

acts like Ralph. Anyways…….he sent pics of his feet to me. I requested pics of his veins on the tops and sides of his feet.






So, i am going to tell you what the veins on his right foot says about his foundation.


The three veins on his sides of his right foot represent water. They are symbols of water coming

down from the sky. You see, in ancient, water was signified by two or three wriggly lines as indicated on the sides of his right foot in pic below.



Here is the ancient symbol for water using two lines.


The ancients also used these two wriggly lines to indicate the Astrological

sign Aquarius. Here is the ancient symbol for water using three lines.


There are three lines here, which represent the waves of the

sea rolling and roaring toward the shore. Notice the veins on

the sides of his right foot resemble the waves in the pic above.


Water always means emotions, dreams, psychic realm, lucidity,

romance, and the unconscious realm. When the veins are run-

ning down, It means the water is coming from the sky as in rain

as indicated below in the pic.


As you see, the three wriggly veins represent the Rain which is

water is coming from the sky and falling to earth as raindrops 

indicated in the next pic below.


The vein is shaped like a raindrop which is very

similar to the symbol below.



See the shape of the vein forms a raindrop.



And this symbol for raindrop or water is their on his 

foot, too. Now it was later stated that water is e-

motions, dreams, psychic abilities, the uncon-

scious realm, and lucidity, let’s find out what is in

this rain that comes to his foundation.

There is an “X” within the rain and an upside down



In fact, the upside down “Y”

makes the “X.” The “Y” means humanity or humanitarian.


Qusai is an humanitarian sage who wants humanity to

have compassion for each other and to use his wisdom

to communicate these spiritual principles. Compassion,

Love, and Wisdom is in his pathways or foundation

written by the veins his right foot. He is a Sage. My

advice as a shaman would be for him is to go online and

research the term, “Sage.”

Another symbol shows on his right foot is “E.” It is seen in the 

position of the foot.



“E” represent this> "∈" symbol means that whatever is written before it is an element of whatever comes after the ∈ symbol. It means that something belongs, "is an element of" something else, in other words, something is included in the set of something else. Something is included in the collection of a set.  


Here is the symbol “E” and one can see the “E” on his right foot. “E” is that spiritual element

of his foundation or soul. Below is another look at the symbol “E” on his right foot.



So, as one can see the clear shaping of the veins on his right foot are forming

the “E” symbol. It simply mean that the element energy that governs or rule

his foundation and soul is water.  Also, he has spiritual wealth symbol on his

right foot. In Samudrika Shastra, the “F” or I call fork sign. It’s left sided “F”

sign. The “F” means wealth or abundance. Since the F is on the right which

represents our spiritual life or pathway, it telling me this guy has an enormous

spiritual wealth located in “E” energy or element of emotions like compassion,

love, hate, anger, gentleness, sensuality, etc.




As seen in this pic the “F” is being created by the rain of water. below a
“F” symbol.




The “F” sign also means fire. Fire means inspiration. “F” sign is being

created by the rain. This person can  inspire others to do or be better

human beings. He also is prone to depression or hate when angered.

He knows how to inspire and fulfill his dreams or hopes. Let’s talk a-

bout this sign.






This triangle also means fire but it also means divine

or Diviner. i would advised him research Diviner or Diviners

which are very similar to Shamans. Diviner is one who uses

various magical object or nature to conjure or manifest

events and things into this earthly plane. This is who Qusai

is spiritually. 

Now the side of his right foot.



The veins on the sides represents our rooting in life. On the right means rooting in our 

spiritual life and on the left means rooting in our earthly or material physical life.

He has three strong veins showing which means his rooting in his spiritual life is not 

very strong. He definitely needs to be more rooted and centered in his spiritual life in order

to be happy and very well adjusted and complete person.


Now, the left foot which represents his material and earthly life have rain-

drops, a diamond shaped sign, and an “X” sign. The raindrops represent water.

The diamond shaped vein structure represents his astrological sign which is

Aries, endurance, pricelessness, and beauty. The “X” represents wisdom, a 

sage, and common sense.



Even on his left foot the sign of water in a Native American ancient symbol

of the Water People….shamans call them…”water tribe.” I call them, “the

children of Poseidon.” Fascinating.

His real name is Said Bitrow and he is a South African portuguese muslim who

says that he is held in a sexless relationship with a man who gave him a job out

of blackmail. He has a secret which this man who is his Boss knows and controls

Saiid through knowing his secret. The secret is probably a theft he done or probably

someone he killed. Or probably, a secret society he belongs to. Whatever, he is trapped.

He was so rude and angry and suicidal that I had to cut him away from my Facebook,

and send 4 of my spirit protector wolves to him to stop him. i will not hear from him

again except, if he has been deceased. What a wasted space of this misguided soul.

We loss another one.


However, maybe this chapter is not over yet. Maybe there is hope for this individual.

Or maybe a new beginning!


After 7 , years Qusai found his way back to me.  Changed as the vein markings on his feet indicated. Now he wants to be married to me. Now he wants to be my husband. He says that he has been homeless, living on the streets. I am inclined to believe him. He sounds sincere, but he is the child of Presidon

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