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Full Issues / Gay Pictorials for Monday July 15, 2019



Relive the Memories (or) Create New Memories of these 1979 Newsstand Magazines
and Photography / Erotic Art Excerpts:
Drummer | Him Monthly | Honcho

  • Drummer No34 is my Favorite Feature of The Day !
  • Him Monthly No23 is my Favorite Centerfold of the Day !
  • Honcho Calendar is my Favorite Cover Models of the Day !

As always your Requests, Comments, Questions are surely welcome !


Full Issues Download Links (Today's Screenshot Descriptions) View Table of Contents Screenshot for Full Issue Descriptions
Gay Pictorials Gallery Links

Drummer Vol4 No29 1979 (Joe Kelly by Target from Javelin No4: Five Card Stud / and Others)
Drummer Vol4 No30 1979 (Anniversary Issue - Bob & Val by David Sparrow Photography / Zeus Men in Bondage)
Drummer Vol4 No31 1979 (Inside Sweeney Todd's: A four Star, X-Rated, Close Shave by Philip Beard NYC / Spit, Sweat and Piss with Val and Bob by David Sparrow Photography)
Drummer Vol4 No32 1979 (Clay by Zeus / Super Strap "Strap it on" by Western Man from Strap No1. Magazine)
Drummer Vol4 No33 1979 (Happy Holidays Issue - Photo by Terry S.F. / Willingness: Will Ness by Western Man from Rivet Magazine)
Drummer Vol4 No34 1979 (Two guys and their dog in the rain from L.A. Tool & Die / Drummer 1980 Nude Wrestling Calendar Bonus by Matt)

Drummer Magazine - Gallery  America's Mag for the Macho Male


Him Monthly No21 1979 (Ron by Alan Purnell  / Poolside Duo by Colt)
Him Monthly No22 1979 (On the Job: John by Alan Purnell / Duo Francais by Alan Purnell)
Him Monthly No23 1979 (Autumn Gold: Kirk by Alan Purnell & Dudley /

Him Monthly Magazine - Gallery


Honcho Calendar 1979 (Previously Unpublished Vertical Center Spreads by Various Photographers)

Honcho Magazine - Gallery  The Magazine for the Macho Male


Download JayBee's Issues:  📌  Crossed off of my list !

Unzipped 2006-07


Today's Featured Gallery Album is Mandate Magazine - Erotic Art !













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