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Tommy meets erotic | 1



There's much more than you can see at the first glance. 

The last entries were dedicated to my hobby of baking. 

This blog entry is dedicated to my passion for erotic photography and art

I myself am not a photographer or painter, but I have been in the focus of their art a number of times. With this experience I look at this kind of art from a different perspective. Although I have always been fascinated by erotic art, I appreciate the work of the models and artists much more now. 

Erotic art doesn't need to be in black & white or pornographic. It's the impact a picture has on me. It can be the pose of the model, the face expression or anything else what catches my attention. 

When I find such pieces, I will share them in this blog entry. 

I'll comment the pictures only on rare occasions. I ask you to rate the photographs and comment on them. Thanks in advance. 😘


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Love the lighting.

He is nicely muscular but I’d say he needs something else in his hands, than a tulip. 😏

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It's a beautiful photo. 

I would describe the expression on Eric Akoa's face as thoughtfully sad. The white tulip breaks the symmetry and brings something feminine into the masculine photo. Tulips stand for love and deep friendship, white tulips also for a loss. Along with the expression on his face, I think Eric's missing someone.

It's interesting that he has goose bumps. Maybe it was intentional, or it was too cold on the set.


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19 hours ago, JoelR said:

Here are some albums that you might enjoy


17 hours ago, JackFTwist said:

We also have a fairly large collection in the "Art of Photography" forum topi😄

Thank you. 

@Sammy@malelover It's very interesting that each person has a different interpretation of a photo.


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