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Full Issues / Gay Pictorials for Saturday July 13, 2019



Relive the Memories (or) Create New Memories of these 1978 Newsstand Magazines
and Photography / Erotic Art Excerpts:
Blueboy | Honcho | In Touch For Men | Mandate | Numbers | Playgirl

  • Honcho Vol1 No8 Men in Uniform is my Favorite Feature of The Day !
  • Mandate No44 is my Favorite Centerfold of the Day !
  • Blueboy No27 is my Favorite Cover Model of the Day !
  • Numbers Magazine is lacking in identification of Photographers

As always your Requests, Comments, Questions are surely welcome !


Full Issues Download Links (Today's Screenshot Descriptions) View Table of Contents Screenshot for Full Issue Descriptions
Gay Pictorials Gallery Links

Blueboy Vol27 1978-12 (Fashion: Low Chick by Juan Cardenas / Ballroom: The Dancer)
Blueboy Magazine - Gallery  The National Magazine About Men

Honcho Vol1 No7 1978-11 (Mr. Virility: Jeff Cameron by Target)
Honcho Vol1 No8 1978-12 (Male Images: Men in  Uniform by Jarry Lang / Roles by Zeus)

Honcho Magazine - Gallery  The Magazine for the Macho Male

In Touch For Men No38 1978-11_12 (Jerry Dean by Kurt Norcross)
In Touch For Men Magazine - Gallery The Magazine for a Different Point of View

Mandate Vol4 No43 1978-11 (Backstage: Burt Reynolds by Jarry Lang / Big Hawaiian: Ed Meyers by Roy Dean)
Mandate Vol4 No44 1978-12 (Son of Zeus: Gregg by Zeus)
Mandate Magazine - Gallery  The International Magazine of Entertainment & Eros

Numbers 1978-11 (The Biker / Front to Back)
Numbers 1978-12 (Discovery: Take Those Clothes Off)
Numbers Magazine - Gallery  From The Men That Bring You Blueboy

Playgirl Magazine 1978-11 (Brief Encounters "It's Underclothes that make the man" / Man of the Month: Howie Gordon "Actor, Artist, Lover"  by Snazzy Chaz)
Playgirl Magazine 1978-12 (A Few of Our Favorite Men / Man of the Month: Vaya "An international sensation")

Playgirl Magazine - Gallery  Entertainment for Women

Download JayBee's Issues:  📌  Crossed off of my list !

Unzipped 2006-09


Today's Featured Gallery Album is Male Pictorial Magazine !













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