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Blip's Specail of the Day

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blip survives blood letting



character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784has been putting off getting blood tests

for diabetes care matters

for nearly 2 months

but character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784could really put it off no longer

and character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784's doctor's office informed character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784 that character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784 would be the one who would have to make the appointment with the lab

altho the lab is literally just down the road from character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784

and only 15 minutes away

character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784 was scared poopless to go

labs are where covid lives

and due to the damage an allergy to birdies

character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784 does not have the bestest lungs

(they are only 85% at what completely healthy ones should be)

and diabetes

covid is actively looking for character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784to cause harm


character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784 made appointment for 9:00 am saturday morning

character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784 had gloves and mask

and wandered off to the lab


character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784had been to the lab many a time

but it was entirely different this time

the lab shares the building with a bank

a guard was outside

and the guard asked "bank or lab?"

character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784 said "ummmm - character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784"

"NO!" barked the guard "you going to the bank or the lab?"

character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784 answered "character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784 has appointment at the lab"

the guard muttered "don't know who the fuck character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784 is...and what the ffuck is this 3rd person crap - but the lab is upstairs - thru THAT door"

character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784was shown door character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784 was not used to using and took the stairs up to the lab

because character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784 did not want the risk of being cornered in the tiny elevator


the lab never had it's door open before

but it was propped open

all the chairs were still there - but most were piled up.

only a few chairs were in place

and spaced over 6 feet apart

markers - over 6 feet apart - were on the floor

the window to check in was gone - it was a wall

the hallway to the blood letting rooms and restroom was now behind a closed door


character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784 checked in at a kiosk

and stood in a corner


right at character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784's scheduled appointment the door opened and they called "character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784?"

before character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784 was allowed back to the blood letting area character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784 was told

"have to take character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784's temperature"

character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784 shrugged and began removing pants in order for temperature

but before character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784 could undo belt the tech held a thingy to character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784's forehead and announced "98.4"

character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784assumed that meant character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784 done so character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784 say "BING!"

and character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784 was shown to the blood letting room - #1 - and that had been redone as well

all the computer stuff at the front window was now there

character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784was in mask and glove

blood letter was in mask and gloves

the blood letter put the leeches on character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784 and took character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784's blood

character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784 got a lovely bandage

and character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784 rushed back home


the entire trip took

from home to back home

just 45 minutes


character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784 suspects character0109.gif&key=5bed75c775adc4a784 shall survive another day!





and the crowd goes DAMN!





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